The big problem with Mercy

This is true. Nobody is enemies like Mercy mains and other Mercy mains.

I don’t think we’ve seen a dev post saying they want to keep valk.
As for a solution, I wish I cared enough to provide one.

Something someone else said once.

They mentioned the devs saying in an interview that they’re happy with Valk and believe it’s the right direction for Mercy.

We can imply from that they want to keep it if possible.

No, it’s not.
If a majority of players state the same thing.
Say, that mass rez through walls was bad, then the developers change it.

If every single player comes with their own version of something, then it won’t help more than that person If they change based on that singular opinion.

So far the most agreed on solution that the forums have presented was either eeveea’s or titanium’s post :man_shrugging:

What you’ve just said is incredibly false. Everyone is not going to agree on the same thing. That’s how opinions work. If everyone agrees on the same thing, it would be a fact that that thing is better. Also, the devs are not required to listen to anyone. They balance what they think needs to be balanced accordingly. The only things we do is give feedback on their changes or give them ideas that they can adapt on. So far the most popular solution for Mercy is the one suggested by Titanium in his, Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State post.

Not everyone. Most.
As in most players need to agree. And it needs to be backed by stats, so the developers have a solution and reason for a change.

Most people on the forums seem to agree with Titanium’s solution. As for the rest of the player base, who knows? We can’t take them into account because they haven’t shared their opinion on here or any other popular gaming discussion websites such as Reddit.

Edit: We can’t accurately know what the majority thinks is the best solution because we don’t know the number of active players that are on the forums. This is why I went for Titanium’s. It has a high number of likes to view ratio.

576 out of 40 million.
And those 567 don’t all need to agree with the changes, only the rest of the comment.

As for the change, how would that not make her much more powerfull than current mercy?

Read the rest of my reply, please… We can’t possibly know the majority because not all of them go on the forums to state their opinion and we don’t know the amount of players that are active on the forums as of now. Also, Jeff said 40 million copies. Most of those copies are probably smurfs. Yet again, another reason why we can’t possibly know what the majority wants…

We already know that mass Resurrect Mercy was underpowered. Adding a cast time and LoS fixes will nerf her even more but to compensate for that she gets a 150 burst heals for alive players. This was mostly done to deter hiding. If you want to question it, feel free to reply to the thread yourself.

The thing is that’s frequently true of most things if you get down to it.

I’ve played other games where I’ve surveyed players about changes and it turns out they rarely agree on what they want or how they want it to happen and what they want doesn’t necessarily match patterns or hold internal consistency.

If you look at the changes that have been suggested by players that have made it into the game or had something very similar make it into the game very few of them have actually been considered that great.

As for the Mercy situations another possibility exists:

Split the character into another hero.

Group A has a hero designed around them and Group B has a hero designed around them. (Granted you still have the challenge of splitting people into group A and Group B)

The visual design team has done a brilliant job with character abilities thus far and I think they could come up with something that functions similar to Mercy’s beam without looking anything like it.

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It’s mass-rez with counterplay basically :man_shrugging:

The biggest problems with mass-rez were invulnerability + instant cast, Titanium’s idea addresses both of those things

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It’s mass rez with a lot of buffs, for a small nerf.
Yes it’s got los, but through objects.
It gets healing.
It gets invulnerability.

She gets more abilities, healing, etc.

No, her team gets invulnerability, the same as they do now, Mercy herself doesn’t get invulnerability. I don’t know if Titanium meant her team can MOVE while invulnerable, but since they said the “same” as current Rez, I’d assume they remain stationary for the duration and unable to act

And you know how Sombra mains complain about how buggy hack is because things like lamposts and trashcans cut it off? That’s the type of LoS the idea is saying gets ignored. I don’t agree with it passing through the payload though.


Miscellaneous items that can be moved around by the player.

Your team gets invulnerability for 2 secs.

And lamp posts, pots, the payload…

Even within the Mercy Community, many are conflicted themselves.

All I know is that many just want Rez to be earn-able via through resource meter or tied backed into her ultimate.

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A resurrected target NOW gets that same invulnerability, during it they can’t move or act. That also means since Mercy had to fly into the middle of them to ult, she’s on her own and has to survive for the next 2 seconds while her allies are stuck in the invuln.

She’s punishable both before and after the ultimate.

Stricter LoS can be added if it’s a problem.

Personally don’t mind either way, I just want E-rez gone, and a new ability :man_shrugging:

How is that a problem when they are stationary? Also, current Resurrect has this as well…

Because most people don’t want to miss a player because they were behind a thin lamp post. As for the payload, I’m optimistic about it. I don’t think it will cause problems.

The new ult works as a heal for your team.
You wouldn’t need to use it for a mass rez, but would get insane value from it If 2-3 of your team were dead.