The balancing of Overwatch


For a little more context: Goodbye, overwatch (rant)

In that post, I was about to quit playing overwatch altogether. The only thing that stopped me was the dev statement saying they’re monitoring power levels of cc now.

Anyway, a lot of the things I said there are still criticisms I have with the game. For example, I hate how whenever I suggest a change, I’m told to ‘git gud’. Because yes, I’m a more casual player, and I’m not going to dedicate large sections of my life to getting good.

Another thing: I’m fine with there being crowd control in this game, as long as there’s a lot of crowd control resistance. Crowd control resistance should be on tanks especially, since they’re supposed to be on the front lines. Some ideas I have include:

Wrecking ball/Hammond: counts as a charging hero while in ‘maximum speed’ in ball form. Additionally, while in battle mode, he’s 15% less affected by knockback.

Reinhardt: is unaffected by the crowd control of charging heroes while his shield is up

Orisa (this one is a bit complicated): Halt is bound as ability 1 (shift) and fortify is bound as alternate fire (right mouse button). Fortify is on a meter similar to’s defense matrix. When a player uses it, that player must hold the button for however long they wish to use it, depleting the meter (maximum being 5 seconds). After this, fortify goes on a 1 second cooldown. After this cooldown ends, the meter starts refilling at 1 second of usage per 2 seconds of refill.

Brigitte: shield bash can go through barriers (I think that if it’s unable to go through barriers, it would be a bit too unintuitive of an interaction. This change goes hand-in-hand with my proposed Rein change). while inside her meka, stuns on her have 20% less of a duration. Additionally, while in her meka, she can’t be rooted.

Zarya: heroes cannot be crowd controlled at all while inside a projected barrier, and Zarya can’t be crowd controlled while inside her particle barrier.

Winston: while in primal rage, Winston can’t be knocked back or stunned (but still pulled or rooted).

Roadhog: is 10% less affected by knockback that hits him in the stomach.

This is my OPINION. I ask that people don’t call me mean names. Also, I know it’s not in alphabetical order.