The application encountered an unexpected error

Crash ID (or whatever it’s called):

I was casually playing quick play when the game suddenly crashed mid-game and an error message popped up with the ID. This same thing happened once earlier today and twice yesterday.

I updated my drivers yesterday and thought the error would disappear like it usually does, however it didn’t help. Today I tried scan and repair on the Battlenet launcher and the scan found something to fix, but I crashed after a while again.

I don’t really know what to do now, so any help would be appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you are crashing to where the Blizzard Crash Handler app appears, this is often due to outdated drivers or a conflicting program. Please follow these steps first if you have not already.

If nothing helps, please go ahead and start a web ticket and share those crash errors in the ticket. Please also remember to add your system files so that Blizzard can learn about your computer quickly.

Obtaining System Files: Blizzard Support - Obtaining System Files

Starting a web ticket: Blizzard Support - Contact Support

Hello Nochizawa!

Looking at the details of the crash report itself, it highlights voice and audio modules as well as graphics tasks. So, updating your video drivers was a good start, but let’s also check the instructions in this post for the audio side of things:

Crashes - Unknown error!

Best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:

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This is ridicilous I have lost my endorsement due to your crashes. It is not my fault game crashes mid way through a match. Worked fine till the stupid force blizzard update!

Please try not to respond to a issue that is not likely your own. As always all penalties including loss of Endorsement ratings will apply for leaving games. Details:

Thanks for the reply!

I followed the instructions in the post and played a few games to see if I would crash again. I almost thought the error was fixed but then I crashed again during a quick play game.

Here is the crash ID:

I tried “scan and repair” on the battlenet launcher but I have yet to see if it helped.

solved it :
patch does not work when you install it with the cd. you have to download the game from blizzard webpage. so never use the cd again

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