The Anger Around the PTR Mercy Buffs Explained

… Which is disregarding how much Mercy players want it back …

You walked into that one again.


I do not have such ignorance. I say the willful ignorance falls on the other side, actually.

Then please explain to me how you might have come to your conclusion.


Valk is not a horrible ult, and

Subjective arguments are weak arguments.

Because it’s Valk.

Whoever “us” is

You don’t need drastic changes to Mercy. Very simply, have other minor buffs and she would be good.

Don’t agree.

It is because many of the complainers have ideas that are radical (i.e reverting Mercy), and that the developers do not care about doing such. Oh yeah, the Youtubers. They are unlikable to say the least. The devs aren’t oblivious to your “concerns”, they don’t care, and they shouldn’t care unless way more people, and not just a loud minority want changes to Mercy.

This rework is not a mistake you call it a mistake because you dislike it. The rework was needed, and if you ask me, I’m fine with it. This argument, like the argument about fun, is subjective, very subjective.

And the developers don’t have apathy. Heard of “forum Brigitte?” They can ignore all they want. This isn’t our game, it’s Blizzard’s, and even if it was our game, I still don’t think a revert would happen.


Hold this:

You’re right; it’s not a horrible ultimate. It being a horrible ultimate requires that it can be classified as an ultimate in the first place. It still sits at basic-ability status.

And yet they were literally the only arguments given for the rework in the first place.

The people complaining on the forums.

Or did you miss that abvious implication in the title?

To fix the contradictions plaguing her kit, the only possible changes are drastic ones.

In regards to balance.

But was balance ever a reason for the rework in the first place?

I see a double-standard here.

Oh look, it’s the “I don’t actually have any support for my assertions so I’m going to call them a vocal minority” argument.

Sorry, but that argument has already been blown out of the water.

Anyone with even the slightest amount of objectivity in their perspective can see that a rework that took a balanced hero and made them unbalanced for over a year, whether underpowered or overpowered, is a failure from that standpoint alone.

Do you want me to list off all of the other failures and contradictions within the rework? I have a quote ready to go, if you want it.

On what grounds was Mercy reworked in the first place?

If subjective arguments based upon the objective playstyle of the hero are not valid arguments, then the rework, which was born from subjective arguments based upon the… less-than-objective playstyle of the hero, never would have happened.

You might notice that they’ve been caving to that movement bit by bit. Check the PTR patch notes; there’s another Brigitte nerf in there.

And who did Blizzard make the game for?

The numbers suggest otherwise.


The arguments for the rework had substance
Valk is an ultimate, no whining needed
The forums people are a loud minority with terrible ideas a lot of the time


I see that a lot too.

Since when

And finally, I need to quit the forums because of Mercy.

Not you in mind, that’s what.

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On the contrary, her rework was never due to balance concerns… Heck, she became even more unbalanced after her rework. :joy:

𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓬𝔂 𝓘𝓬𝓮 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶 𝓜𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽


Spreading positivity and ice cream, one Mercy at a time.

That’s a good joke.

I don’t think coming up with BS reasons and then going back on every single one of them constitues as “substance”.

Congratulations. You have repeated a statement that has already been undermined without providing any additional support.

That represents the entire playerbase.

You not liking the fact that you are in the minority doesn’t change that fact.

Not once have the developers said that the rework was followed through with because of balance concerns. In fact, if the rework was made because of balance concerns, they probably would have reverted her within a month of the rework because she was just that absurdly broken.

Did you read below what you quoted?

It’s right there.


The answer is “the players”.

And the majority of the players want drastic changes to Mercy.


Sigh, mercy mains are the reason people laugh at these forums. Literally the laughing stock of the community outside the little safespace bubble here

Welp, guess I’ll get silenced for speaking my opinion again, and go back to reddit :v:t2:

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Pretending we’re in the minority here when the data suggests otherwise doesn’t grant you any credibility here.


You guys are just greedy dats all.

Is it greedy to want the hero we used to love playing to be fun to play today?


Reaper is not fun
Doomfist just got out of f tier just to go back alot more welcomed so hes not playable

Rein is boring
Zen is boring
Brig same as df
Bastion enough said
I think u get it but there are plenty of other characters worse then mercy by far

Did Reaper get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Fair enough. Does us advocating for Mercy changes and not Doomfist changes make us greedy, though?

If so, I could just as easily call Doomfist mains greedy for not advocating for Mercy changes, no?

There are these things called priorities.

Did Reinhardt get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Did Zenyatta get a significant change that took him from being fun to no longer being fun?

Per request of some of the Bastion mains on the forums, I agreed to edit their next megathread before they post it. I’m just waiting on them to contact me again.

I’d think that losing half of the hero’s playerbase and producing well over a year of complaints over a rework that made the hero OP for 10 months and pissed off that hero’s mains for even longer is pretty big cause for concern.

Say what you want, but a 6% drop of a hero’s QP pickrate from a time in which they were balanced to a time in which they were OP is a huge red flag.


Neither did Mercy

Actually mercy 1.0 was more boring then the current mercy.

Here, hold this: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


See the link I just dropped.

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Yes yes subjective opinions are fact when they’re yours and not mine