The Ana ‘buff’ is a joke

Extra shots are good but she could use a small escape more

Not saying this will help her at all but why not throw 50 sheilds on her to help with random chip dmg. Again passive heal or escape would be better

i think increaseing her rate of fire 10-15% might also be a good option


Did they actually say she was getting more bullets? If so, how many and where did they say this?

Also, I definitely think she needs more bullets, as she has to reload way too often. It’s a huge step in the right direction, but I agree it won’t be enough as it doesn’t solve her biggest issues which are lack of sustain and mobility.

Why is it okay for every support to have a passive health/shield regen or some other way to easily heal themselves, while Ana has to use her best ability which has such a long cooldown. Can’t they just give her a passive heal like Mercy? Or allow her to heal herself slightly when she heals teammates?

Would be so cool if she could heal herself by 20% of what she heals on teammates or something.


The extra 4 ammo means she can heal an EXTRA 300 HP or do 280 damage before having to reload…that’s a super huge buff. They essentially increased her ammo size by 40%.

The shooting through Allies is a QoL change and also a minor buff.

Why don’t we wait until the buffs go to live comp and see how it affects her before we start complaining?

Everyone said the Roadhog buff (heal while moving + damage resisitance) “Wouldn’t fix anything” and he became super good again. The Junkrat changes of adding an extra mine (even thought it has been nerfed) have left him in a very good spot.

Give it time, then pass judgement.


4 more bullets. Its nice but it really won’t do much.


She get more buffs at first and second the buff on the PTR is a giant help.

This is her ammo buff


They can’t let every hero be mobile.


Not mobile. We’re not asking for that. Something small. Hanzo is not mobile. McCree isn’t mobile. The just have small moves to creat space that helps in a game like this


Ana has sleep dart, a burst self heal, and decent damage to defend herself.

If she’s getting dived, her team and other support need to peel for her. If she keeps dying, switch heroes. Not every hero is supposed to be viable in every situation.


Hey, 4 shots is a lot. I’d rather they round it to 15 as it looks better than 14, but there are so many times I’ve seen people die because Ana was forced in to reload animation. This would help so much with that.


reduce sleep cd by 2s an maybe let her nade fully heal herself.


Plus I’d like to mention that with the Sym rework Ana will be able to get to new highground places ^^ I personally am super excited!


You’re not asking for a buff. You’re asking for a completely new hero design. Ana was never designed to have mobility and self regen. Ana has to have weakness and you want them to get rid of her weakness then she wont be balanced anymore. U want to be a healer with mobility go play mercy or Moira. U want to play a healer with CC and anti heal go play ana. That’s how it’s designed.


Exactly, it’s like asking for Zen to get a mobility ability lol…completely changes the hero deisgn

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At best I want her to have a wall climb so she can properly snipe but that’s it she already has a self heal


If Zenyatta would have mobility he would be op af


She’s barely viable anywhere that is the point. It’s much more efficient choosing other healers over her in pretty much every scenario now. Her ultimate is also generally very poor compared to other support ultimates.


So this is, what? her third ammo buff? fourth?

I feel like it hasn’t worked thus far and doesn’t really solve anything.


That’s not true at all. She is very popular in higher ranks now that dive got nerfed and Brigittie is in the game, and these new buffs will help her be even more viable.

Calling her “Barely viable anywhere” is a stretch.

I see her a lot in my comp games (GM/Top500) but also on my diamond/masters smurfs.

Except nano blade still best ult and nano rein best pusher

And she’s really bad at dealing with mobility and shields block damage