The Ability to ask your healer/tank if they wanna switch roles with you

once per round how about allowing us to ask to switch roles if we want.
and if you agree you switch but if you don’t nothing changes.
especially would be cool if one of our players leave then its basically a lost if its a comp with only solo heals or solo tanking but it seems like the game is more winnable with solo dps.

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It’s a good idea.

The problem is that people would be unbelievably toxic when demanding people switch.

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" people would be unbelievably toxic " then ignore like usual. it seems like for this team game we’re so scared on actually giving people the ability to play like a team but also at the same time are forcing characters to be “team only” characters

“sym, zen, sombra, ball”

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How would SR distribution work? There’s a lot of factors.

What if you’re a GM DPS but only a diamond tank/support? And vice versa?
If you swap roles mid match which role is the one that gains SR?


Well, I do have an idea that would help Sym, Sombra, Ball be useful without people demanding they switch.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

As for Zen, he probably just needs a buff or whatever the dominant meta is to move more towards Dive. For instance, allowing discord to ignore barriers.
That said, Contenders meta is moving towards Zen/Brig

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I’ve actually thought about this too. So many times I wanted to just tell my dps or tanks like I used to in the good ole days of open Q. “Hey guys, if one of you fills in for my role, I can break the choke”.

idk how people can complain about smurfs/boosted players and still think midgame switching roles in role q is ok

Yes please. I have a different hero i’m good at for different maps. On Numbani defense (or pretty much most defense maps), i can still use Orisa, but on Numbani attack, i’d be feeding on anything other than Sombra.

Or if the tank couldn’t handle the work, i can switch to one.

And is better than getting stuck with two timid tanks and needing to act as the tank even tho you’re a DPS.

I’ve basically stopped queuing for tank since the nerfs, but good grief, i can still do better than a lot of the tanks we get.

On the other hand, the tanks on the other team are just as bad so it’s a good time to be a tankbuster :slight_smile:

Im assuming that youre implying switching mid game (something this game through 70% of its development cycle was based on) and buying a new account/making a new account depending on what platform your on has the same affect.

This is a great idea (Switching / Exchanging roles mid game), and maybe it could be limited to “only in a group” or “wont receive as much SR/Exp if exchaning”.

As someone who has been in many different 6 stacks of friends the role lock put a stop too all of them because we had alot of people who had great tanking skills on payload but would rather die then to it on KotH etc. Changing mid game with limitations would be great but unlikely with the introduction of no roles comp in the arcade

dinner first, then we can talk :face_with_raised_eyebrow: