The 45 armor from Brig should stay until destroyed


Armor is a good mechanic in the game, and it’s the only utility brig provides to her team. I don’t mind nerffing her ult, but you should at least buff the 45 armor she gives to her teammates.


It’s 75 armour.


Um… im not sure about this change to be honest, but worth the try in PTR


That would just make her even easier to play and be good at. I don’t mind the idea, but I want to see Brig take more skill and effort, not have huge rewards low effort plays.


Non-recoverable armor is by far one of the worst mechanics in the game. It’s so bad that they:

  1. Removed it from Torb entirely
  2. Heavily nerfed Brig’s armor generation about 3 times
  3. Started introducing abilities (e.g. Torb ult) which specifically deals bonus armor damage to combat it.
  4. Are making a new change in the PTR to adjust the ordering of recoverable vs non-recoverable health types.

If anything they should completely rework Rally entirely to make it do something more unique.


Non-recoverable armor wasn’t an issue until Brig was released. I don’t recall ever seeing someone complain about Torb giving armor packs.


It’s because Torb was considered such a troll pick that it was hardly ever an issue, but it still was. Torb has a snowballing effect where if he was able to survive long enough to generate armor for the team, it gave them a significant upper hand in team fights. That upper hand led to more kills == more scrap == more armor. This was one of the reasons they reworked torb.


Because he is a dps and this a utility support ability

That’s because of GOATS =/

They wanted Torb to be viable, but no one bothers picking him to counter armor.

This because of the armor nerf, of they didn’t do this changes armor would be useless.

Hello? when did they say that?

Anyways, I think 45 armor is fine.


As long as it isn’t stackable, I agree it’s worth a try in the PTR.


I think you’re confused. The upcoming PTR changes to health pool ordering are not a complementary change to the armor nerf. It puts non-recoverable armor on TOP of shields so that you dont have to destroy shields before even chipping away at the enemy health pool. It’s yet another nerf to armor.


(Normally 75 btw)
Nerf armor she gives to 60 and make perm


I don’t think it should be permanent as that was the main point of one nerf, However I think they should raise the available armor cap to around what she had at release (150) since it goes away after Rally and will now be prioritized over shields having the higher armor would make Rally a little beefier for a push or a hold, but wouldn’t create the initial problem of over buffing team mates and possibly having rally up again before all the armor is gone.