The “least impactful” role

We have all heard that dps are least impactful through the echo chamber over and over, but is it really true?

In games there are tanks and supports that that can do a lot of damage, sure. But tanks and supports have more responsibilities than just killing the enemy team, dva for example has to be ready to eat tracer’s pulse bomb while also using dm to eat barrage and don’t forget grav…also be ready to maybe boop away anyone with boosters. In super’s words “guess I’ll just do everything”.

This goes the same for the support role as well, they have several other things to do. While yes dps role does have other things to do it’s nowhere near in comparison to the other roles.

Dps role mostly has the job of killing the other team, and before you say “but roadhog” hog is a big dps in disguise with no real tanking ability, mostly feeds ult charge, and he doesn’t have any way to protect his team, this is why he is mostly trash in high level play and unliked by a lot of the community.

In conclusion dps can shoot and focus on killing the enemy while not thinking about not much else, which is why they can have the highest kill potential and the most fun…hence whe queue times are so long


I think DPS are lowest impact but it doesn’t mean they’re bad by any means or none are OP. They’re just lowest impact at highest elo because it’s how the game was fundamentally built. It’s an objective based game where tank and support compositions entirely dictate the tempo and style of the game


Useless roles/rolls

I disagree, the highest impact in overwatch comes from the enemy team dying, and dps have the best tools to do so


DPS aren’t useless or pointless. They still have impact in the game it is just compared to tanks and suppors they don’t have as much control over the game


there is no one right answer. its more about individual heroes and ranks

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I’d argue the entire discussion became irrelevant after Role Limits became a thing.

It’s not possible to make compositions that have 1 or 0 DPS players anymore.

If anything, equalizing the Fun between roles is now more important.


the reason why you’re wrong is actually in your post. Tanks have to do everything, DPS very little.

The tanks make the space the DPS work with, create the opportunities DPS work with, make the big plays the DPS work with. Same for support, but support helps support their plays.

tank is the most important and least fun role because you need to do 400 things at once while 400 things stop you from doing that all at once


Since there are only 3 roles just by simple process of elimination it turns out to be the damage role. Tanks are like overpowered super classes and healers are a necessity because the other team has them.

it all depends on burst dps or whoever has the best “Q”. if the tanks arent impactful then its up to the dps to kill very fast and efficiently i guess

It is not. This is already quite well known. Tanks are the weakest role in the game right now because they just pretty much act like bottlenecks of the game without much additional value to that in comparison to the other 2 roles, which too can bottleneck your team out of the match entirely too if they try hard enough. Tracer for example has been on S-tier podium alone for a solid while now while also overlapping the role of the tanks by creating considerable amounts of space in the backline as opponents have to focus her or take a high risk of losing a support and the teamfight and even when they commit to preventing that it leaves the frontline vulnerable

It’s the same players who think that Zarya is a great tank or that Bastion is a great DPS or that Moira is a very strong support who still believe that DPS is not the strongest role in the game

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In OW2-- sure.

Right now?


They are still strong… not the opposite. Though I’d say, supports are stronger right now.

the reason dps are said to be least impactful is because the only way you can swing a teammfight is to get 4 per fight which doesnt happen if youre in the correct rank.
tanks are essentially better dps with more ‘jobs’ and therefore higher potential and supports enable tanks for the most part.

that explanation is a massive oversimplification but it gets most of the relevant information across.

Impact is very subjective in OW.
-if the tanks are being healed properly, yes they can be impactful
-if the healers are getting good team, yes they can be impactful
-if the dps can kill stuff, yes they can be impactful

But lets actually see what is actually required for one to be impactful.
Both the tanks and the healers are heavily dependent on others.
Dps on the other hands aren’t (outside of an occasional nano but even without it they still can be impactful just on their own).

That is the huge differnce here:
Tanks and healers have to rely on others to make an impact. The dps don’t have to.


Comparing Tanks vs DPS impact:

Top 2 tank picks Rein + Zar:
Damage: 11482 + 13839
Damage blocked: 18429 + 6705
Healing: 0
Added all together: 50455

Top 2 DPS picks McCree + Soldier:
Damage: 14435 + 17594
Damage blocked: 0
Healing: 0 + 1579
Added all together: 33608

This is simply looking at the raw numbers, and you can already see why tanks have more impact. Suppose you value damage more than damage blocked, divide dmg blocked by 2 and the overall value you get is 37888 which still exceeds DPS.

This is not even taking into account the higher HP pools which allows them to create and take space more effectively - which is important in an objective based game. As well as their game changing ultimates.

This is why when given a choice, the highest value team composition uses exactly 0 DPS. And why back in the day when you would get 3, 4, 5 DPS comps your chance of winning decreased significantly.


Sure maybe overall, but individually tanks will be the strongest heroes in OW2.

I don’t really get this, but no support is stronger than the top 4 DPS right now even though Ana and Bapo76 are more valuable than most of the DPS role and pretty much all the tanks. Pretty self-explanatory stuff if you look at patch notes that are mostly filled with tank nerfs and adjustments and are weaker than where any of them were

DPS have also been the least impactful role, hence GOATS. The team with better DPS will pretty much always lose to the team whose tanks and supports better facilitate their DPS.

It’s not a bad thing. Something has to be least impactful, and DPS aren’t the weakest by what I would consider an unhealthy margin now. But I’d still like to see more individual impact potential for all roles.


Yeah? Show me a tank or support that can take a game hostage like a good widow or Tracer. There’s no comparison. Hell, even a doomfist that knows all the weird tech and rollouts can dominate. Nothing else comes close.

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It’s pointless to discuss this. Roles are synergetic, regardless what most people believe.

You can “carry” with any role. But as soon as you get closer to your ELO, it will be harder and harder. To the point you can’t carry consistently anymore.

Most people will always be toxic towards damage role though, regardless of the reasons. Unless you’re soloing the entire enemy team.

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I get that you have personal feelings about these characters impacting your own games, but the reality is that Tracer is virtually unplayable outside of a GM dive comp, and Widow is also dumpster tier at almost every rank beneath GM. Soldier would’ve been a much better example of a DPS hero dominating ladder with minimal support.

Tracer’s success at GM is largely because Mercy, Zen and dive tanks vastly reduce the mechanical effort needed to play the hero. Not sure about Widow though, as I don’t have as deep an understanding of the hero.