Thank You for the Endorsement System!

I really feel it’s going to help the game a lot. People will want to farm it and in the end it will make teamwork better!


They’ll want to farm it only if those rewards end up being worth it.

And it will be abused by malicious people so that good people get punished for it… And the moment Blizzard decides to attach an automated system to it I’m sure we’ll start seeing good people struggling to get into matches and groups, because malicious people ensured they had a bad rating… I don’t trust Blizzard and I’m sure they’ll turn this into something horrible that ultimately punishes good people more than it punishes bad people or rewards good people…


It is a bad idea, the people who are going to get endorsed the most are going to be twitch streamers. Their fan boys and girls are going to endorse them non stop even if they troll other players.


Time to farm endorsement for shotcalling and being a good person POGGERS


This will only breed more toxicity, as now toxic players meta junkies have a way to blackmail regular players.

This was the highlight for me too dude.

I disagree with comments stating that this endorsement system will add toxicity - psychologically, this should absolutely increase overall player cooperation and positivity, since you can only endorse people in a positive way, or not at all. It will certainly be an improvement over a system that only punishes players which we have had previously.


I agree. I feel the people thinking it will increase toxicity are the toxic players fearful of getting weeded out. The endorsement system has already been proven to work in other games.


I endorse this comment :wink:


I would like to know if the endorsement system affects the matchmaking.
Let’s assume that Team A has 3 players with a gold XP border, then the Matchmaking-System will try to find players with the same or similiar XP-level for Team B. According to this, players with a high endorsement level will see players with low endorsement levels on their own team more often, than players with a low or average endorsement level. I am afraid that someday I will have a gold border and a high endorsement level, but my teammates are getting worse because the system is trying to balance the teams. In an ideal world, i would expect that things like the endorsment level, xp level, latency, win/lose streaks won’t influence the matchmaking at all.

I have already noticed a difference on the PTR over voice chat since this was implemented yesterday. More team chat participation in team callouts, positive feedback and overall happy players.


I love it!
Probably a product of that toxic gaming meeting weeks back.
Great job just makes me like the game that much more.


I’m not sure how long ago they started developing this, but better late than never - now we just need a way to view the endorsements we’ve earned cuz they kinda just disappear :sweat_smile:

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I’ve seen no difference in comp and I’ve had shot called when I’ve literally not said a thing the whole match.

Yeah it ‘works’ great :laughing:

It’s shiny and new, people will use it. Once it lose its shine people will probably start using it more clearly, there’s rewards attached to the system that hasn’t been announced yet so like everything new, it needs time.

You can only endorse people in your own game… Barely anyone gets to upvote their favourite streamers cause their sr is too low.