Thank you for Competitive Open Queue!

It’s just triple tank as tanks are overpowered :confused:


I do hope it’s there to stay like Mystery Heroes always being in arcade.


the release notes say it is only going to be around for 4 weeks, but now that the mode exists there is at least a chance it can stick around longer

I am grateful this has been added, but there remain at least 3 serious problems with it

  1. its in the arcade and therefore has less visibility to the player population, which means some players will never know it existed

  2. it includes hero bans, which were never part of the pre-222 competitive game

  3. it isnt (as discussed above) permanent. When qp classic was introduced, we werent given a end-date for it, and indeed it hasnt ended; but we have been given and end-date for this mode


Literally the reason I hate playing Support so much. I’m much more open for playing healer if I have the option to switch to something indipendent.

Hero bans are great for it now! It kinda protects us against possible GOATS 2020 situation.

glad you’re enjoying the mode. we were excited to at least try it out and see how it goes.

we struggled a lot with the name. “classic” has a lot of weight/baggage and means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. and the meaning will change over time. so we thought open queue was a more accurate representation. to be honest, quick play classic isn’t the best name either…


i see nothing wrong with GOATS in the game per se

the only place i know where it was a problem was for ticket sales in the OWL

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That is fair because technically no limits is more QPC if you think of classic as the original model.


we’re very grateful for it, and hope you consider extending the 4 weeks considerably

the presence of the hero lock doesnt however make a lot of sense to some of us, myself included - a truly open queue should allow freedom to select any character


Hey Jeff, this is a side note but thank you for adding ME servers. I hope you are staying safe.


I won’t be really playing it a lot, since I way prefer 2-2-2, but I am SO VERY happy you put it in.

If nothing else, it will take pressure off the DPS queue times in regular comp, which makes everyone happy.

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Jeff can you please buff sigma a bit :slight_smile:

Well I see. Games against 3 healers were terrible back then. Especially for me as Tracer main. Too much sustain

Yeah. Honestly, I like it.

I mean, like Megadodo pointed out, if it ever becomes a long term thing, it’s placement in Arcade might be an issue. From what I understand, less people play Arcade vs standard QP and Comp. So, if less people are playing the Open Q, then there are less people to match, so the matchmaking will be looser than standard competitive. Which, could be a bit of an issue.

All in all, though, it’s nice to have. I haven’t had this much fun since 132 on Experimental. So, I’m happy with it.

Even including the Hero Bans was a cool touch. I’ve always been curious how they would feel without Role Lock. And, on their own, I think they’re pretty interesting.

Personally, adding hero bans on top of Role Lock always felt too restrictive to me. I think having one or the other is nice, though.

Just thought I would give you some feedback, since I saw you in the thread.

Hope all you guys/devs are doing well. And thank you for stopping by :slight_smile:

Has there been any thought on featuring OpenQueueComp side-by-side of RoleQueueComp?

You’d pull a lot more DPS players into OpenQueueComp, which would free up the queue in RoleQueueComp.

Since even if an otherwise DPS player intended on playing DPS in OpenQueue, they might fill on Tank or Healer.
Meaning it’s very possible you might pull in 8-10 otherwise DPS players per game.

✅ Competitive 222 vs Competitive Classic

Also I think a Tank balance change like this can make it so that barrier tanking doesn’t mean Reinhardt 90% of the time. Possibly opening up some firepower buffs. Since it’s strange that only barrier tanks don’t get to have fun shooting stuff when compared to DPS,MainHealers,OffHealers,OffTanks.

Oh yeah, and this is low-key the most important thing the game needs right now.

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Where is this mode??? I’m currently 16mins into a dps queue. I’m assuming it’s some separate rank though.

EDIT: Found it in arcade.

Kinda strange that the OpenQueue is hidden, if it’s ideally a workhorse to reduce queue times in RoleQueue.

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It was already tried pre Role Queue. It became a nightmare then and it’s still a nightmare now.

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again, I am glad – very, very glad – this mode was added, but if you’re evaluating it as a possible permanent addition to the game, I do hope you keep in mind that you’ve placed it at an enormous comparative disadvantage to 222 competitive due to its placement in the arcade, where some players will never even know it exists

Said another way, I am hoping the inevitable comparison between participation rates in the 222 mode and participation rates in the role-less (open) mode is done through a lens which factors in this specific disadvantage.

I take it as a given that raw participation numbers will be lower than for 222 since many players wont as I said before even know it exists at all


I think it’s pretty great, if that means anything