Thank you devs :)

Thanks for finally doing quick balance patches, the game got 30% better in just 3 weeks due to the new balancing pace. Looking forward to the nerfs/fixes in next patch, maybe some changes to doom too to make him less clunky while still being less strong



Patch 1.43 clarification


I love me some positivity on the forums.

Nope. It’s just going in a worse direction as they throw darts at the board to come up with random, nonsensical nerfs or buffs. Quick balance changes that actually were well-constructed would be welcome; this is just more of the same terrible development only at a faster pace.

20 more damage on a full charge orb literally will change nothing about Symmetra’s place in the game.

Brig did not need double nerfs on her healing and only serves to further restrict her kit, which is already the most restrictive among healers.

Hammond was nerfed, and while I agree with the reasons why, no other problematic tank class heroes were touched (Rein, for instance).

Widow was slowed down a little, but not in any way that redistributes power or otherwise addresses the issues with her kit.

It’s honestly like the devs are actively trying to make this game worse, rather than better.

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