Thank You, Aria Rose

what is this supposed to mean.


Your stance is that there is too much discourse behind the changes to Mercy. One of the main contributors to this opinion is held by Aria Rose.

You state the facts “insert abridged Blizzard statement” to counter the argument that Mercy is not a fun hero to play.

There are multiple topics discussing this. One specific topic has 1450 people who agree. Last I checked that is the most agreed upon, by the community, statement that has been made in Overwatch history. You, from what I gather, want these topics to go away. Recycling what Blizzard has written does nothing more then remind people why they dislike what Blizzard has done to Mercy. You and Aria Rose are actually performing the same task.

You cant determine other peoples backround

They did used to do that.

However i think that all that good will got lost when some people decided it would be a good idea to constantly attack them.

So you know it’s called reaping what you sow.

I’ll add my thanks for the work you do. :smiley:

Though looking at the post count of this thread it’s a little late.

No one has successfully pulled of a rebuttal for this thread. We are just waiting.

hahaha, I appreciate it. <3

See miracles do come true.

This implies she IS part german otherwise the sentence would be
I didnt say i was part german.

but having ancestors possible 3-4 generations back DOESNT make u german.

Here is the thing just because one/a few person/people thinks mercy isn’t fun doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands more people just playing her and enjoying her in the game and not crying here.

I mean, why are they surprised? They should’ve been fully aware of that before making controversial changes. Right now, I’m just imagining how all this bickering and arguing could’ve all been avoided if they just stuck with simple tweaks to pre-invulnerability Mercy.

Well you answered your own question though. They aren’t responding to us anymore because you can’t be civil to them.

And that shouldn’t be an issue for them. They represent a huge gaming business, after all.

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Uh im not sure that’s how genetics work.

“Empty thank you”. Yeah, he couldn’t possibly have meant it at all… Also, by changing mercy, the devs were listening to the vast majority of the playerbase asking for support balance. Is mercy unfun to play as? that’s entirely subjective, but I can guarantee you they are working on something for mercy, considering the amount of complaints from Mercy player.
Regardless, they not answering to feedback does not mean they aren’t listening,
nor does it mean they are silencing or ignoring it. Look at other characters, the devs rarely acively reply to any balance thread, especially when stuff is in the works, until it is ready for ptr.

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Fine then,

Do you know how many people, by number, are enjoying Mercy?

I can tell you flat out I don’t. Shed some light on the magic you would use to determine this.

If not, all we have to go on is the amount of discourse one hero has received compared to all other heroes and the amount of discourse they have received. I can tell you right now by that metric Mercy is the clear winner.

I am sure you are not sure about a lot of things but thats not surprising to me.

You obviously haven’t met most games developers. You should take a peek at other forums where the developers NEVER responded to community feedback.

We were extremely lucky to have the Overwatch devs do that.

Well lots pof people are complaining she’s UP Now given that’s what her stats are pointing too but she was made UP By nerfs that people said should have been a rework if she was still OP because of the fun factor

You sure do like implying people are idiots.