Thank You, Aria Rose

Yeah that’s what I thought :3

I do more WHITENOISE ,bet most of you here are part of her discord cult too.

If i am wrong why is she dodging my question about a statement she made in her own video?


Personally, Valkyrie is just horrible. Unoriginal and has almost everything. To compensate for that, almost everything it offers is insufficient.

I respect your opinion.


Hey, fair enough. We don’t have to agree!

Either way, I think if mass rez were to come back in some form, it would have to be tied to her ult and she should have some sort of ability on her E to keep her in a good place.


I love when everyone debates civilized x3


ya a big problem with valk is it just feeling like weaker versions of other ults put into one. a real disappointment.

Why people flagged this thread so hard? lmao.

I’m late to the latest episode.

Yes, mass rez with tweaks would be great to think about! I still love the idea of her charging rezes while healing too. Like, heal 100 hp for 1 rez charge, 150 for another, etc that amp up and can be used in ult.


A jack of all trades, remotely insufficient in none is the words I’d use.

Trolls doing troll things

this thread is about Aria but atm they derailed it into mercy nerfs and bugs because i confronted them with this.

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yep exactly, nothing new and nothing worthwhile.

I’m just wondering, where are the mods when you need them? >-<

This Zero guy is something else…

There are three trolls in this thread, one just replied to you. I highly urge you to ignore or they will bombard you with insults. Just a TLDR if you don’t wanna read the rest of the thread. ^^ We’re currently discussing ways to alter Mercy though if you have any suggestions!

I saw that BadWidow xD

Don’t feed the trolls capco <3 They don’t exist.

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Shhhhh! :shushing_face:

Ikr shes a hypocrite, nothing more , she does what she hates.

all the people supporting her here come from her cult discord.

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