TF2 and Overwatch same universe

I theorize the Overwatch universe might be linked to the Team Fortress universe. I’ll go over evidence.
The first one is in the Overwatch cinematic trailer, there is a guy that resembles tf2 scout. It can’t be a coincidence, this guy might also be related to Tracer as he has her signature goggles. This could a clone of the tf2 scout as his grandkids would look too different and maybe Tracer’s parents adopted him.
The second one is Torbjorn’s turrets. Out of game logic, it is just a reference. But in game logic, only sense that would make is that Torbjorn took the Engineer’s plans after he died to fight the Omnics. Torbjorn’s family also resembles Spy/Scout’s family being the father of many children with their youngest taking up a different legacy (Scout in running and Brigitte in Blacksmithing). Or it is just a coincidence.
One of Pharah’s quotes “rocket jump that sounds dangerous” is a reference. But in game logic the only sense it would make is Pharah read a book on the Teufort Nine Soldier. (Yes I know Quake used this mechanic).
In Who is Sombra video, there is a guy who looks like Spy. This might be one of Spy’s great great grandkids/Scout’s great grandkids. Or this might be a clone of the Spy. Either way, he must have taught Sombra how to cloak.
The Omnics might be when the world was freed from RED and BLU, but then the government built robots to protect humanity based on some of Gray Mann’s designs.
Tracer might be a descendant of Scout or Demoman (Many Bostonians came from Britain, or her ancestors actually moved to Britain away from Scotland.
Brigitte might have dreamed of realistically becoming like the tf2 scout, trained by her sisters while blacksmithing, but she was the only one who did it.
Those were just examples.

Shouldn’t this be in the lore section ?

there is no lore section as far as I know.

Wow. I literally just went to check and there’s now a ‘Story Discussion’.


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Yeah it’s called story discussion

It just got added like 2 days ago I think?

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I can’t find it, where is it or did I not get the update yet.

When you first get on the Fourms it should be there (don’t click on general discussion)

Either way, what do you think eh

Pretty cool theory tying the two games together

I made none of it up, it is literally there, just look up those examples. You’ll see where they are.