Team Oh Gosh no longer recruiting - pls delete thread


Our roster is now full.


Hey, I am pretty flexible as to roles however I am not within the SR range. I am currently 2150 and my season high was somewhere in platinum, I dropped to play with lower ranked friends. If you would be willing to accept me, I would be ecstatic to join!


Sorry for the late reply, I have contacted your twitter and added you. However, it seems that no one has replied and you have not accepted me, perhaps an error on my fault, just making you aware.


Hey, my sr is 2428, c and d would work for me.
Name: Dragahn#1392


Any chance you guys are looking for a coach? Had a some experience with teams on console. My sr was 3801 up until 2wks ago when I had to go away. I was the coach plus main tank/shot caller for my team. My strategies are quality and I’m always open to feedbacm from team mates :blush:


Ok, thx for the heads up.


No worries, will do :blush:


i would like to be part of the team hit my discord is maxkwal#5329


Hi, so I am around the same sr and I can do letter A with zen/Ana.
Again, NAME: Dragahn#1392
Edit: what is the age requirement?


We don’t necessarily have one, and welcome people of any background, but do expect a mature attitude and an angst free environment.

All current members range 18-30.
We are 4F/6M split at the moment.
We do curse, speak openly, and have plenty of fun.

However, there is zero tolerance for any politics, drama, or nsfw content in discords or elsewhere.

We expect any and all members to understand they represent our team even when not in practice and (try to) behave accordingly.


So there is no age requirement?


No, but if you’re annoying and childish ya done.


I’m 11 almost 12 so is that to young? I know people don’t like kids in there groups so I really just want to make sure.


Realistically, we may not be the team for you. That said, once your skills are evaluated, and you get a solid idea of the competitive scene and it’s nuances i may be able to point you in a direction that’s a good fit.

We lose nothing by having people try out. And I’ll make it a point to help anyone trying to enter the scene regardless.

I’m a member of around 40 discords, and have friends running teams everywhere from 1.8 to 4.3 with just as wide a variety of competitive spirit and maturity. My goal is to not just build a team, but the coordinated competitive scene as a whole.


Still looking for a coach?


Added you both on battle net, send me a whisper when you get the chance.


I whispered to u who is this so now I know that it’s u.


Ana/Zen around 2.6-2.8 here. Can flex to any other healer support if needed (Bap needs some work still) BigMuzzy#1303


Sorry, but our roster is now full.

Good luck in your hunt for a team!