Tank/supp duo looking for dps in comp to climb up with!

hey guys!

we, a 21-year-old girl (me) and a 23-year-old boy are looking for a capable dps player to play some comp with. we are players who come originally from console and therefore have some gamesense, even though our level on pc is around 100. we usually play in gold and plat, 2400-2700 sr, and we need someone to communicate and get better with. :slight_smile: we play on European servers.

our roles:
tank: reinhardt, zarya, sigma, winston
support: mercy, moira, ana, baptiste, lucio

so, we lack a good dps and maybe another support who can play zen or brig.
if you’re interested, you can add me on battlenet and we can have a chat on discord to see if we get along!
battletag: matrea#2747

stay healthy :slight_smile:

Hi, add me on discord.
I can have a talk on discord today @2100 utc +2

Hey my wife (24) and I (25) would like to play if you guys wouldn’t mind? Shes a support main and I’m a fill role. She has 1800 sr and I have 2450 sr.