Tankbuster overkill.... emphasis on "overkill"


Widow crits.
Storm Arrow.
Fan the Hammer.

There’s so many abilities (or even primary fire ablities) that can kill a tank in under a second, that they can’t go out and make space like they used to in a 2-2-2. They die as fast as a 200hp hero these days, the only difference is that they feed the enemy more ult charge.

Any why the heck are the supposed “long range heroes” also the ones who are the most lethal at close range? Both Storm Arrow and Fan the Hammer do more damage than Tracer’s pulse bomb, and that’s a freaking ult! Long or short range, pick one! You can’t do both and still be balanced!

I wish the devs had listened to the Reaper mains to begin with and given him that passive they kept asking for (the one that would have made Reaper’s shotguns ignore armor), instead of churning out this salty cheese.


Too many tankbusters. Lists 3???


It’s still a problem that an ability with no cooldown can kill Orisa - an anchor tank - in one shot.


WHAT??? hog right click?


Widow as a tank buster? what?


Fan the Hammer.

All hail tankbuster Mcree.


I feel like they need even more CC in the game too. It’s not fair that tanks actually get to move or play at all.


But that’s how you counterplay tanks.

They’re meant to take space; obviously it follows that it’s incredibly valuelable to displace them.


Absolutely, I play games with the intention of not playing them. And that’s why I support even more CC.

There are more options than just hard CC and removing someone’s ability to play they game. Slows, displacements, disengagement abilities, etc. Stuns are just annoying.


They definitely are going overboard with the tank busting stuff. Zarya & Brig have DPS-size hit-boxes though, so tank busting stuff is not what is going to change the meta, despite what Blizzard may think.


There are tanks that can one shot squishy heroes.
They are supposed to be tanking damage, not dealing.
With this logic, tanks and supports should do 0 damage.


Reinhardt’s charge is the only one-shot on a tank I’ll defend. It’s a huge risk to take and has a huge amount of counterplay, which balances out its power.