Take New Lucioball Maps Out of Comp Rotation

The title pretty much says my point but here’s why I think that. I play in Masters tier lucioball, I love lucioball, but I do not play this game mode for the obstacles. They just get in the way. There were changes made to improve ball handling yet all the obstacles have just made it harder to actually move the ball. Those matches for me seem to stagnate. It has made it impossible to clear the ball middle, unless you shoot low in which case A. they just will shoot it back to you, or B. you clear on the sides where the strikers are 99% of the time now. As a striker, getting side shots is ridiculously hard already and is even harder to juggle the ball with the obstacles. There’s also no goalie ball anymore which also means no alley-oops. There’s also virtually no passing because it is impossible to get a clear shot on a teammate. There’s just less time the ball is in the air, which is what I think made it so much fun in the first place. It’s like foosball now, I’m sorry but I’m really not a fan of these maps and they make me not want to play the game mode at all.