Take a breather skill ceiling rework

Take a breather no longer directly heals or reduces damage, but works in two parts now.

Part 1: hog inhales, converting 50% incoming ranged damage to health, and absorbs non-melee CC.

Part 2: hog releases a gas cloud like 3-2-1 that slowly heals teammates and harms enemies within it based on 50% of what the inhale was hit with -including CC.

You can still stun hog out of the ability with melee stuns like shield bash, rocket punch, and charge.


Sigma already kind of does that with kinetic grasp, but even with 60% convertion ration don’t think that will ever replace the current vape.

And uhh the fart cloud in my opinion doesn’t hogs overall playstyle, he is a selfish tank like Hammond rather

So his only survival mechanism as a Tank needs to be weaker, when he’s the least picked tank in GM and OWL?

The difference is sigma absorbs for temporary shields only.

Hog would heal himself and teammates and reflect all incoming CC as AoE CC. So if he say was hit by sleep while his E was out, he’d now put out a sleep cloud.

It would also work for things like shatter, grav, flux, EMP at the extremes.

Man, people being walked over by the weakest tank atm, that must feel bad.

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You act as if I don’t know what I’m talking about with hog which is hilarious.

More like just kinda confused why you wanna nerf a low tier, especially when he is supposed to be a main tank some time in the next 11 months or so.

Maybe the hogs player has to drink a shot every time they use the ability.

Hey, if I can have what hes having…

It’s a net buff to have so much more utility now for your team.

Being able to redirect CC and AoE heal is better than a self heal and it’s balanced out by a weakness to melee.

I’d rather they leave him as-is, then focus on his OW2 rework.

I’d be surprised if AoE zoning wasn’t what they do with hog with OW2

Why does take a breather need to be reworked? People keep proposing “skill reworks” for heroes but they just seem so pointless.

I prefer something more like this

Hogs biggest problems are feeding way too much to do his job, his job being way too easy to shut down at high ranks, and being rewarded for being a net loss on his team’s ult economy with a trash tank ult.

Your idea is cool but it wouldn’t make him competitive with other tanks it just gives the impression he’d be seen as less oppressive at low ranks.

It would give him the near equivalent of a barrier, instead of leaving his team wide open to shatters, snipers, and antiheal.

It’s still not worthwhile protection. Dva doesn’t walk straight down chokes holding up DM for her team proactively because it’s a huge waste of value.

Hog is not mobile whatsoever so it’s just like if sigma could do absolutely nothing while his shield was out.

Thanks for reminding me that I should make it explicitly clear that hog can use his shotgun while spinning his chain.