Symmetra's primary fire rework plan is basically zarya's but worse

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So first of all not only did she have a lower base damage than zarya (which is 95 dps) she now needs 2 seconds to charge up. Additionally a good zarya can just keep the damage ~180 dps by keeping their energy around 90ish. This basically means she has lower damage potential than zarya, which is supposed to be a tank. So why would they think players will pick symmetra with this changes if zarya’s a better option?

This also means that she’s another tool to feed zarya energy in addition to torbjorn and junkrat.

Overall, I think the other rework plans are ok except for the primary fire one. I think if they’re making it a straight beam like zarya’s then they should make the damage constant (perhaps 130 dps). Otherwise keep her aimbot and slightly make her damage more consistent (perhaps 80/100/120 dps progression). Keeping the lock on is probably better considering 90% of symmetra mains can’t aim lul.

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so the infinite barrier seem like “okay” for you? It was already hard for heroes like ana to find its place in the meta. Now we have a 5000 health shield that will basically trap her like a fly that tries to escape from a closed the window.

The problem is non-Symmetra players don’t seem to understand that changing the way her gun works isn’t going to effect her viability. She’ll still be easy to kill sense she’ll still be squishy and not have any abilities that she can use for survivability like flash bang, cryo-Freeze, Blink, Zarya Bubble, Wraith mode, Fade, etc.

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you can go through barriers it’s not like mei’s wall.

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but your bullets can’t. ana is not supposed to follow the team, she is supposed to be well positioned and as far from the team as possible.

Teleporter to move low mobility allies (including Zarya and Reinhardt!) to high ground or from one side of a point to another.

Infinity Wall to split points in half, which can allow heroes like Zarya to deploy her ult without it getting eaten.

That being said, because the fire can be charged using enemy shields she can more consistently hit the 195 DPS mark from behind the safety of her team’s shields. Which would allow her to melt tanks. That being said, if she is uncharged then the Zarya barrier wont give Zarya much charge off of it since the first damage ramp up wont kick in till a moment after the barrier times out. Or if used while the beam is on her then by the time the barrier falls Zarya better kill Symmetra fast or Symmetra upgrades to the final damage level melts her in that time.

But this is all decided by the situation and how good the respective side’s aim is.

tp’s still destroyable and situational. if they’re making her a dps might as well make her a reliable one. we don’t need another pre-buff sombra.

The teleporters will need crafty use yes, but the power of the utility they grant is not to be underestimated. Which is why they will be a priority target to eliminate.

As for her DPS, her RMB will be faster so it will be easier to land direct hits and its AoE will allow it to still be useful if you feel you cannot land direct hits. Splash targets from at range till they get in death laser range. If the Symmetra player is really good she could 2 shot most 200 HP heroes with the orbs. Otherwise a couple of AoE hits can put targets in a danger range that she wont even need a level 2 charge to finish off what is left.

The reliability of her DPS will be based on player skill, and it will be higher then pre-rework. At least she is not starting out at near level 1 torb turret DPS.

Here are a few things people are forgetting to remember when taking about the new changes.

First off, she’s going to be a defense character, not an offense character. She’s not meant to do as much damage as the other heroes.

Second, he primary fire isn’t her only source of damage. She’s still going to have her turrets, and they’re going to deal double the damage they do now. Not only are there less of them to deal with but you can throw them across the battlefield and deploy them in the other side of a choke.

Her primary fire will also deal more damage than it does currently and gain ammo from hitting shields. If a Rein is coming you blast his shield gain your max charge quickly and easy his shield. All the while throwing your turrets at their back line and setting up your teleporter for better angles to nuke the enemy team.

And third, her teleporter isn’t just for herself. You can literally send ults through it. You could send a bomb or Graviton surge or hanzo dragonstrike. Or you can just use it to bypass a choke entirely.

Symmetra’s going to be fine. In fact I think a lot of her changes will make her a hero people will want to build a comp around.

I think most people are just complaining because they like easy wins without having to do much. This takes that away from Symmetra. People are complaining because their character will actually have a form of skill to her now on order to play well.

Well junkrat and bastion are defense heroes too and they’re able to do a lot of damage. Offense and defense heroes are considered dps.

Well look at torbjorn and his primary source of damage which is his turret. Is he in the meta?

Junkrat has to aim his bouncy balls and actually hit something to deal damage. Is not just a straight beam into the enemies face. If you don’t play him right he’s crap.

Bastion was reworked to deal less damage than before. He now has a wider spread and can’t even head shot people. He’s really only good up close.

Defense heroes have a lot of drawback to their damage potential.

Blizz have literally said they are changing him right after they launch Symmetra and are looking at his kit right now.

He’s just as broken and just as much of a joke as Symmetra is and they’re going to fix him next.