Symmetra's biggest issue is how the community views her

Do you mean Blizzard?

There is nothing wrong of being situational. most of the def heroes were and she was still playable even on point B even if less effective.

I mean a certain dev with “300 hours” on Sym.

Honestly on day 384 now, on waiting for getting Sym done right.

Wasn’t it 700 hours or are we talking about a different Dev?

You’re right, but she’s less situational now than she was. She and heroes like her are niche because their kits are actually very powerful. Like how many games do you play Sym and the enemy team almost immediately counterpicks? It’s partly because her counters can shut her down pretty hard, but it’s mainly because counterpicking Sym can be downright mandatory a lot of the time.

no it was 300 hours, plus Jeff never said how much that Dev played of “each version”

meaning the Dev could have 300 hours of just 3.0 Sym

All I know is they added some tweak to her TP and now it doesn’t place correctly in certain spots, killing my strategy.

I’m up to 471 hours. Never played 1.0 but I had 119 hours on 2.0 — which means i’ve Got 352 hours on 3.0. Jeez.

Tbf I only started in Season 5.

But to add to that the madness when you realize that people played Sym 2.0 two different ways.

So basically saying you played that much is pointless.

Cause you could have been playing one way and not the other.

I played Sym 2.0 on defence and later attack and that’s when I had the most fun.

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Talking about the two ults and what abilites people favored.

What does it matter about the ULTs. First point TP. Second Point Shield gen.

(well for one, I mostly never used Shield Gen and I did pretty well with my playstyle from what I remember.)

I loved shield gen. Especially in FFA. Meant I could live long enough to charge my beam and get more regen.

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My play style was more of a dance, you had to place turrets each time and activate each abilty perfectly, with the right positioning.

Plus activating that photon barrier and walking with it, beam ready.

(also putting down that teleporter just right every time.)

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I did enjoy orientating the TP. And running through a choke with photon.

But see the thing is, (my style of play) was the original style of play, how she used to be meant to be play. While your style is just some style that was form by people just consistently playing how easy she was. (when she really wasn’t)

Going from a close to mid range style to a mid to long range style.

(it’s why some say she is dead.)

Nah mate. Sym has some problems. From time restraints, damage, survivability,to the identity crisis she has as a kit. She’s not in a good spot. The community is toxic about her because she is a problematic hero. She needs help. Coming from a once upon a Time sym onetrick

well in an fps kind of setting she is a bit of a weird one and they are struggling to make her work it’s true as it’s hard to bring out her efficiency just because she is that weird character.

but how fun do you think she would be as of right now if she was hypothetically meta?