Symmetra's biggest issue is how the community views her

It is not balance. She is in a good spot right now but could use some minor buffs. People just need to stop being toxic to the people who play her.

Doing garbage?
My team: “Sym you’re so bad go back to bronze”

Doing amazing and performing your role correctly?
Enemy team: “Sym you’re so bad go back to bronze”

There is no winning with these people. If Genji gets a nice blade or Widow gets a clean headshot it’s “Damn nice kills.”

Am I missing something here? Is every other Sym main out there toxic? I try to be nice to others, but I have never met another Sym main on ladder.

What’s up guys? Why won’t you give us a chance?


When I Play Symmetra:

Same thing with Junk too


junkrat actually has fans in the playerbase
sym barely has any

in fact overall people often forget symmetra exists at all.
most of the playerbase sees only as “wow! the woman of color. cool” or “lul only turrets and orbs cancer.”
nothing else
let alone these people dont even play sym


Wonder what would happen if sym was white and had no turrets…

I don’t understand why she couldn’t just be a healer. I think she’d be popular if she was still a support and they gave her some healing abilities.

Though I’m not a sym player so I guess I shouldn’t talk.

A lot of people had the delusion that old Symmetra was a support, when she was in fact a defense hero.

I think some of that delusion has carried on over to people’s current perception of Symmetra.


I mean, she’d also be a completely different hero.


Being a Symmetra main is pain, in every way possible in this game. The other team hates you and dont care for you, the same with your own team.
As a Symmetra main for 3 years, i only got accomplished like 3 times in this whole time. I learned that almost everybody dislike her and only a few really love her. So at least, Symmetra mains/lovers stay together!


Honestly, I hate what Blizzard have done to Symmetra, Torbjorn and Junkrat. They, IMO, dumbed them down.

I loved playing old versions of this heroes - they were tactical, with clear strong sides and weaknesses. Junkrat used to damage himself, it required to plan your way and avoid point-blank combat. Symmetra’s turrets had no HP and required smart placement.

Now, all they have pretty straightforward gameplay. I still play them, but they do feel cheap. Especially junkrat, when I kill someone point blank with shot/mine combo. So, while I don’t think they are OP, or that toxicity is warranted against them… I get where people are coming from.

It isn’t helping that in current Overwatch it is easy to stack things, due to limited character design creativity. You want to stack shields? Easy, plenty of those. You want to stack healing? Easy, plenty of those. You want to stack turrets? Easy, plenty of those too.

So, IMO, Blizzard need to stop removing things like self-damage and other ways to screw yourself, it makes game dumber.

After the 3.0 rework, what else is new?


I dont get it because Sym is a very good, very annoying hero and she recently got a buff which i dont think she beeded terribly much but eh, she got it and people still want the old because “i hate change and i hate you for making changes. Waaaaahhh im butthurt. I need a wnambulance”. Stuff like that. Mercy receives the worst of this and she’s way better than she ever was before

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This is exactly the issue with her. Not many people know how Sym works, or how strong her in the right hands.

They are not going to give you a chance anytime soon. Peoples minds don’t change in one day. Better get used to it.

Well, I have met a lot of Sym mains. Especially after the rework.

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Except she isn’t, unless one is at a rank where everything can seem good.

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I dual main between Mei and Sym, its fun playing two characters some people despise, even on your own team.

Some folks, mainly COD/CS:GO types will always harbor resentment towards any character they perceive as having a kit advantage such as with turrets. You simply cannot change the mind of these folks, they will always hate your character as a result, they can’t help it, its like genetic problem.

Now, I almost always do well with Sym in say in the high-Silver to low Plat range… and rarely, even if my POTG shows me gunning down enemies with the primary beam and not the turrets, do I even get acknowledgement from my team. Its called confirmation bias: if a Sym does poorly, well that just shows in the minds of those who already dislike her that she is “bad” character, and if she does well, well its just confirmation she is a “bad” character because you know, the turrets did all the work. You can’t win with those folks. OTOH, I have had even compliments from enemy players praising the sneaky turret setups (brain dead right?), and even my own team for burning down 2 tanks and a healer in a fight with the primary… clearly using skill to maneuver and get kills… so its not hopeless, you just tune out the bad folks.

Heck, yesterday I literally about single-handedly took two final points in two matches, and not darn person said anything positive about it…

You miss a point: It’s her performance that leads to the hate towards her. Torb and Hanzo were once troll picks. Now pick both up and they don’t even care. Sym however, people still gonna be skeptical about her performance. And everytime I play her, I understand more why they think so. Her design is flawed, having a short-ranged weapon with a fragile health and no defensive capabilities ? Yeah, she’s so fine, no ?

I don’t have a problem with people playing Symmetra. Play whatever you think will work.

My problem with Symmetra is that I didn’t believe she needed a rework in the first place. I don’t believe she is really any better than she ever was. And, since she can no longer do the things she used to be good at doing, I don’t have a use for her in my rotation.

But, if you think she’s the best pick for you in whatever game you’re playing… go for it.

I doubt that she is, but it’s your call.

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Her turrets need to be toned down, but her teleport and ult needs to be buffed hard. if you could shift her shield wall, that could make it better.
or, Idea, give it more time, and let her move it a bit, but every move costs a bit of time, so if you walk with it, it goes away in 5 seconds, but if you leave it, it lasts 20. that could be cool.

People that hated her before still do and then they made it so some of the people that loved her dont like her playstyle anymore so they increased the amount of people that dislike her xD.