Symmetra Rework Update?

I think thats what they meant, which is why they said photon barrier, and not teleporter/shield gen.

OHHHH I thought we were talking about devs, my apologizes :sweat_smile:

Geoff it sounds like new teleporter will be similar to ShadowStep.
Is it all that different?


What will this button input being needed mean for console users, we don’t exactly have a lot of buttons. Will you use the touch pad?

As an XBox player a I have a quick question about the new Sym changes. It was mentioned before that Sym’s new turrets will deal more damage, considering how Sym’s turrets on the console versions do less damage than PC, will the damage on the turrets remain the same, or will they be nerfed when time comes for full release to consoles?


I know, I said Photon Barrier, not Shield Gen.

Thanks for the update.

Now she really feels like a non healer support, with the tp tricks

Is she the hero 28?

I cant wait for the rework! Especially her new turrets sound super fun. And the way TP might work is great. If you look at pro-Medivh players in Heroes of the Storm, you see how much utility/mobility this gives to your team.

Just dont make her OP and then nerf her to death (like Mercy or Bastion) and make sure her turrets are fast enough to make her powerful on attack.

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She finally sounds like one so she’ll be promptly moved over to defense. xD


As in triggered by the user or the Sym?

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Mr. Goodman,
Have you and the overwatch team thought about making Syms gun heal allied barriers with the damage she has done to enemy barriers?


The user. Wouldnt make sense if Symmetra would press a button to enable the TP for the widow 100 meters away.

So, how fast is the teleporter cast? Is it like the current ultimate where Symmetra slows herself and it takes a while until the teleporter is opened or is it a little faster now?

Also how long does it last if it’s not destroyed? Not gonna like, I liked the idea to be able to spam back and forth for some fun plays. If the teleporter doesn’t last too long and can be destroyed it means the enemy can also take advantage on you trying to dodge/confuse them with the teleporter trips.


YEEESSSSSS!!! :heart_eyes:


They removed a similar function in the beta (Pharah’s Concussive Blast 0.1). In my opinion, there should not be an interaction with other player’s barriers. Its way to siturational and would probably OP with Orisa/Rein/Brigitte/Sym2.0

Any number tweaks on her primary fire? Like how long it takes to charge, or the dmg it does?

That’s great.

im not so sure, i feel that if she could heal shields with damage done to other shields then it could make it so attack sym is more viable, making her sustain shields as your team pushes on the enemy shields. if both teams had syms, then the barrier duels would basically be decided by who was the better sym

Are the teleporters invincible or can you still shoot and destroy them?

He mentioned in the first thread where he talked about the rework the TP has 300 hp