Symmetra Rework Opinions from a Symmetra Main

This seriously needs to happen, Sym is now easily the most fragile close range hero.

Tbh what would be a really awesome idea is if they gave her a passive shield aura for herself and allies, and tied it to her charge level i.e.

  • level 1 = 25 shields, 25 meter range
  • level 2 = 50 shields, 50 m
  • level 3 = 75 shields, 75 m

Basically a walking shield gen that works like a reverse zarya.

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There is no “Defense” category on the PTR. She’s just a damage hero now.

That still doesn’t address the fact that there are plenty of other DPS heroes who are allowed to be capable without two pockets, but Symmetra for some reason needs to be overly reliant on her team just like when she was F-tier. She has to have some advantage over the DPS she’s competing against in certain situations, and historically, heroes that require too much synergy (Bastion, Sombra) don’t get picked over those who can do the same job without help (Soldier76, Tracer).

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This is what makes me turned off completely from playing the new Sym. The old barrier allowed for complex decisions from the player and required very careful cooldown management, choices about prioritization and usage, and could save a whole team from an ultimate. Every time I make Pharah kill herself or block a ult with a perfectly timed barrier it feels so good, because I countered their ultimate with an ability. Countering an ultimate with another ultimate is an even exchange and in a way, the enemy got the advantage on you because they forced out your ultimate. If you counter an ability that effectively has a minute+ cool down with yours that has an 8 second one, that’s a massive win.

People saying the new barrier ult will be so great against ults don’t realize she already had something better.

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Would it be interesting, if Symmetra will be able to repair friendly shields?

If you need her to be that short range and that damage reliant make her more survivable

I know that. But remember everyone trying to shut us down when Geoff told us about the changes, saying “you haven’t even tried it on PTR, wait before complaining?”

I also told them all that the time before the changes hit PTR is the best time to complain about this kind of stuff, and got ignored.

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See, I guess I can more empathize with the Mercy crowd now. Though it was better for Mercy in the long run to be given the rez on a cooldown, this situation will not result in a similar benefit for sym.

Gotta wait for 4.0.

The PTR is such a waste, we already see the flaws with Symm’s current kit but she’s still gonna go live as is. It’s Mercy all over again. Why waste time with the PTR? A lot more character issues could probably be noticed and fixed quicker if we just skipped past the PTR phase or at least just made the testing phase a few days long (since bugs are usually discovered right away). No need to make it weeks long when no significant changes are ever really made.


If you’re playing sym after the ptr for damage and not for utility you’re playing her wrong.

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If you were playing Sym before the PTR for damage and not for utility, you was playing her wrong as well.

But it’s not like people experimenting with Symmetra on PTR have some real experience with her previous kit and are trying to see which of her previous flaws were covered (pretty much only the short range turrets), and not trying her for the first time right now, right?

I like this idea actually, though I think the range should stay modest. like a bit bigger than Lucio’s aura. However, it still doesn’t solve the issue of Sym needing help to get there. She has no gap closing abilities or abilities that would help her reach tier 3 :confused:

Tp is a gap closer.

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True, guess I should have specified escapes or other mobility, self heals, blocks or temporary invulnerability. The TP doesn’t last long enough to be used to get away, Sombra’s translocator was considered too short at 15 seconds, so a destructible object that lasts ten isn’t really viable for that purpose.

I’m a symmetra main, and I’ve been banned from the game twice for playing symmetra. Even while winning games, and even when getting all the golds on my team. I’m not playing this game anymore until the automated report system/ban system based on popularity issue gets fixed, but that’s a whole other issue.

I’ve been playing Symmetra on the PTR just because I care about this particular issue, and I’m sure the other issue will get resolved sometime in the future.

Symmetra is in the same place she was before the rework, right now on the PTR, if not even a little bit worse off. About a week ago, she did Mega damage, and melted/destroyed everybody and everything in sight. Then she got mega nerfed on her damage, and now she’s little more than a DVA without her mech. Her range is garbage, and that’s the biggest problem. If Blizzard doesn’t want to give her some kind of a barrier or shield to protect herself with, or a viable escape option in the middle of a fight, or more health, then she needs to do Mega damage, to make up for her lack of survivability.

As it is right now though, she has — no survivability, garbage range, and her DPS is meh. And to the person who said she destroys brigette 1v1 right now, that’s the biggest lie I’ve read on here yet.

At least before the rework she had a shield generator to give herself +75 shields (and the entire team) and on top of that, she could jump around like a rabbit to make herself a more difficult target to hit, while dealing dmg with her lock on, AND she had a mobile barrier to advance into melee range without taking damage so she could even BEGIN dealing damage.

TBH, she’s in a worse place now than she was before the rework. And just to be clear, I’m all for taking away the autolock on her gun, because it was always an annoyance to me when it got stuck on winston shields, orisa shields, mei walls, even if they were friendly, like are you kidding me?

Anyway, I can only hope blizzard fixes these issues before they realize they just spent time and money reworking a hero that’s really broken now. Really broken. It was actually viable before as long as the player knew what they were doing with it.


You’re misunderstanding the point - it’s that she had more utility before, though it was spread thin. And that’s not really debatable at this point - like the nonsense with the loss of the photon barrier for that ult…

New Sym appears to be a compromise between Blizz’s desire to increase pickrate and community complaints about her being unfun to play against.

Not to mention people can see you placing it. It’s the equivalent of reaper’s shadow step. You wont catch anyone by surprise.

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You really think They’ll rework her a 4th time? RIP Symmetra. This is the end. The hero that exists in the game, but will never be played by anyone but real trolls, or people in bronze/silver— Until the hero just gets deleted entirely.



Symmetra still says “My teleporter is online” while using it, just so everyone could hear it.


The trick in staying alive with Symmetra was possible because people have to aim to kill her and she dont, now she cant dodge nothing when killing something, because she has to aim too, can you not keep this beam, it doesnt have to be a lock on beam either a line beam, just give her a projectile fire, is more forgiving than tracking like a Tracer god.

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I want to know the people who discriminate against her,they play sym one times?
and how many players use it over 300hr?
now a version of her is for high IQ players, u must think how to setup the sentry turret trap help ur team effective defense,and give the team which kind of the ULT to win,how to place the ULT let the enemy can’t easy to find it,at last u must think how to use her beneficial factors to kill all kind of the heroes.
that is why the sym is not a only kill kill kill hero,and she isn’t for most players,she must think more than the other heroes.and i like this think more hero.