Symmetra Piercing orb. DON'T REMOVE IT!

You guys do know that her primary fire will devour barriers and recharge its ammo at the same time, right? Won’t need a barrier-piercing attack when you can eat the barriers.

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The new Primary Weapon is weak against Shield blocks.
With the new Symmetra you can hold it on shields and? If the wep high charged it deals 195 DPS. That means she need 10 sec to destroy a Reinhard shield.
With the charge up time she needs 14 sec.

Do you think she can stationary standing into front of the Barrier and can hold her weapon on it (14 sec long.)? Are you think its worth to do this, than to shoot through the barrier. What are you doing if they have Bastion Orisa or Torb Orisa on Defend. Do you wanna stand on the point in front of the barrier?

It isn’t worth to use that against that. And the new RMB does not make it any better.

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You’re assuming that Symmetra will be the only person on the team attacking the barrier, and if that’s what happens your team is bad. 195dps is nothing to laugh at and the fact the beam actually does interact with barriers with the rework instead of stopping when blocked by one is going to make any character with a barrier more vulnerable and chew them away much faster.

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Did you play Mei?
If you try to spray her primary weapon on the enemy team, you get 110% the focus from the enemy team. So that means: You try to get value out of the wep. All are looking on her and want to kill it fast. And if they are playing this comps (Shield + torb / Bastion or Deathball) you cant even touch the barrier.

You didn’t freez the cooldown of the Orisa bariere and freezing all enemies nearby. You are the priority and that’s makes her so weak. She can do nothing against that kind of comp.

You don’t have your own tank barrier to hide behind? Or teammates to draw their attention? The range is also being increased to 20m or so, and it drains away their barrier energy and recharges itself at the same time, meaning you can infinitely have your beam going while their barriers exist. Destroying barriers so everyone can attack is far better than one person throwing extremely slow projectiles that let enemies heal between salvos if they somehow manage to get hit by it.

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I support leaving it pierce (not only barrier but also characters) than changing it to explosive.

The change of Sym is already really large for the rest of her kit. I think if it’s not really necessary, we should keep as much of her uniqueness than merging into other characters.

Her piercing orb is one of her identity and was really useful. They can always make the orb faster, but not as fast as they proposed before to compensate. We already have pharah, junkrat and most of all Zarya to do similar explosive damage. We don’t need her to become much more similar to them.

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No where is it implied that it will be 20m, all they stated was an increase in range. Since our base is 7m (it extends to 9 after lock) right now, it’ll more than likely be around 15m.

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I always thought that would just make us favor the level 2 over anything else, that was also the biggest critique in the megathread. I was more partial to just making it level 3 and locking the changeup time while giving them speed. Someone also suggested just making it step down upon persons hit, after those changes above so that it could always travel at ludicrous speed. There were so many ideas, many of which seemed good.

The consensus was speed 'em up, not rework them into this. The new ones were also suggested and more were against it than for it, stating loss of skill expression (maximizing enemies hit+losing a close range combo) was not worth it. I’m inclined to agree.


I know. You’re going to be using the 195DPS beam to deplete a shield, not the 130 burst damage (that takes 1 second to charge and 1+ seconds to travel) to destroy shields.

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I don’t really see why they can’t do both.

Keep the travel speed, piercing, and DPS the same, make the size of the orb itself slightly larger, and upon hitting walls or surfaces it explodes.

I still snipe people with it every game, mostly Anas hiding behind their tanks. It’s not easily avoidable if someone is glued to their Reins back and doesn’t even see it coming.

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I hope they keep the barrier piercing but at the end of the day it will all come down to the numbers, the size and splash damage of the AOE when the orb explodes if it will be a buff or not would have been nice to get a 2 states of the orb so you can chose
Right mouse - fires a standard blue piercing orb
Right mouse + E - fires an unstable exploding red orb

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The straight beam that requires you to be standing in the open, where you can easily be gunned down by the Bastion or Junk sitting behind the shield.

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There are so much better options. As well as, for example, size over travel time, bounce, or just change numbers.

The Explode is not bad with the speed yes, but it is worse than the piercing orb.

Why would she be alone and out in the open tho? That’s just bad Sym-play. lol

Probably because now her primary fire disintegrates shields and restores her ammo. If it didn’t do that I’m sure they’d keep the old orb.

My issue with that is that every tank will now be countered by her. DVa and Road are the ones that have no protection against her primary currently. However, now even Winston, Orisa, and Rein are going to be countered by her. The only one that stands a chance is Zarya because of her barrier and that’s only every 8 seconds.

Thats the arguments of the other. “She dont need Piercing cause of new LMB”

I never said she was alone. But unless u have a Rein Orisa brig comboor similar, ur team is probably not going to be able to protect u from direct line of fire of high damage spam (like Bast+Junk).

And since this beam will require u to maintain a direct los for at least 10 seconds to break an Orisa barrier, I feel like that’s quite risky and dangerous for the Sym, especially if she has to work w Zaryas range.

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Update to Symmetra. And nothing new about the Orb. Im really disappointed.

Her new role is to be a shield buster. You aren’t supposed to even be using those as her primary fire literally lets you build up damage while not losing ammo to rip through shields and then the enemy once those shields are gone.

I think the idea is that instead of spamfare that you lob in a direction and hope your enemy team isn’t smart enough to just strafe, the new m1 and m2 will work hand in hand in actively busting shields down, and then doing damage with splash to clumped up enemies.

That’s how I’m gonna try it out anyway. If not, the m1 still does signifant ramp up damage.