Symmetra Dev Question

I wonder if the developers will ever elaborate on why they left symm in such a poor state for so long. She didn’t receive any form of buff since her last rework despite her still being an awful character, so I’m wondering if the decision to rework her a second time was a decision they made awhile ago. It would explain the deafening silence regarding her over the last year up until now.


How do you think people who play bastion feel, they’ve been waiting a long time and still are.


… Bastion? as in the guy that if you have a robo cow on your team can basically wipe out any form of defense by sneezing? that bastion?

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Yes, that bastion, the one with the lowest pick rate and win rate in the game, who did you think i was talking about?

Dunno one iv never heard of that cant melt literally every hero in the game at the speed Rosie O’Donnell throws shade at the human wotsit.

I remember a few months back on Blizzcon they basically said Symmetra was fine when someone asked about buffing her LOL. Then a few months later after constant begging they said they will look at her but she was pretty much fine and only needed minor buffs. And then suddenly BAM she is getting reworked so much that she doesn’t even sound like the same character lol. Completely even moving from support to defense.

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Explain your reference, please.

My guess is they thought each new hero release would up her usage.

When it didn’t happen they just kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

I guess after Brigitte came out and she’s still not viable in most situations, they finally gave up.

Rosie O’Donnell is known for hating the human wotsit (Donald Trump)

Still don’t get it…

Whats tripping you up here hun? xD

Yeah, actually I want to know this as well. There really really isn’t a reason to have left her like this so long, besides maybe allocation of resources/time perhaps???

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This. That is the most infuriating part.

I’m one of those weird players that believe her current kit is fine, and at best, need some small tweaks. What is holding Symmetra down is mostly her reputation within the community as a “troll pick”, but every data you have out there will place her in a good position (except by pick rate, which is explained by the reputation). Still, since she was reworked in November 16, she was not even touched once, except by bug fixes, like the self-imploding ultimate and Moira orb bug.

And except by the orb change, everything else is mostly a lateral change than a buff. They are not making her more powerful, they are changing her scope and giving something around the same power level. It’s change for the sake of change.

I know I’ll try the rework in the same way as I approach a brand new hero, because that is all I can see. Symmetra is being deleted, the devs created Hero 28, and saved the art team some work by making Hero 28 inherit all of Symmetra’s art assets. I’m seriously envious of Symmetra players that can feel excited by the change, and are seeing a glance of current Sym in the rework.

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Lets just look foward to future and try to forget 2 years of trash tier symm.

Totally agree her current kit is underpowerd 100% but it could be AMAZING if tweaked letting her teleporter generate more charges instead of imploding, more durable turrets that can be deployed at range while not making her a siting duck letting her photon orb adjust its flight path like her barrier does when its about to collide with the floor allowing her to protect her team mates and still help spam the choke with orbs from a elevated vantage point, also turning her photon barrier into a more useful bubble shield could be cool as the other one only really shines when ur pushing a choke or closing a gap to microwave a soldier/mccree.