Symmetra 900 Hr main here

Dude - I’m bringing this up for information purposes…not Ego…but you are wrong. I’ve gotten to top 500 SOLO queing as Sym.

Trust me - Photon Barrier was critical for self protection and maneuvering out of sticky situations. Your quote is just flat out incorrect. If you watch guys who main sym in high ranks, you will see what I’m talking about.


Alot of people seem to be concerned about her gun not retaining charge, you gotta keep in mind that it more than likely has a linger effect.

By that i meam say you got her charge to level 2, then the enemy escapes or they die. I doubt it will drop to level 1 as soon as you stop shooting, blizzard are not that stupid.

I think it will decay A level after 2 seconds to mirror the increasing charge rate, as thats only logical.

Her orbs seem to be junk nades with no gravity effects that can go through shields, so it may even be more useful as they do splash damage on contact with a wall or player.

Sym was not in a good spot, never has been. Outside of symmetra mains and one tricks people just dont play her as other people can fill her support role more effectivley.

I think this will be a positive change and everyone should hold their horses until a PTR build is oit for said changes, these arent set in stome yet.

Which is as powerful as her current level 3 beam.

No. Wrong.

It took one second to get from level to level on the current gun.

This new change will take two seconds to get to level to level.

So in comparison…max charge on the first gun took 2 full seconds of getting damage on someone.

Now, it will take 4 full seconds…of locking on someone without missing. Think about that for a second. Think about Zarya.

The best ZARYAs in the world are not going to get 4 straight seconds of perfect damage with their beam on anyone due to quick movement and escape abilities…and she has 400 health with 200 shields to help in her duels. This version of Sym will practically never get to that damage regardless of how great your aim is.

My point isent that photon was bad, it was a great ability. My point was that Syms new kit dose have new mobility and escape tools.

Sym was not by any means a strong hero, but increasing her old kits power level with flat buffs would make her oppressive at low ranks. The only way to make sym more generally viable without this downside is with a rework.

The rework is not finalized, but it dose have exactly the sort of tool your complaining about losing.

You right. I was wrong.

It’s stronger than current level 3 for the same amount of time.


I play sym, thanks.
You dont know how the new teleporter will work. It may have a smaller deployable time, less charges or more quieter sound.

If it behaves like current TP, yeah i can see your issue but we dont know about it yet. It would be too counterproductive if an ability gets an ultimate treatment. (Loud sound queue, enemy warnings etc)
If it gets a full change, chances are, it could probably be used as an escape mechanism.

Only time will tell i guess.

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I keep saying this and people is like: “dude its not even on the ptr, just wait and see”

No, they described her new habilities to tease us, changes are not too bad thought, but the worst part of it is basically she dont have any defense/sustain/mobility skill if its in trouble like any other hero in this game. Without the photon barrier she can’t do anything to outplay the enemy also you have to aim now so you can’t move free anymore trying to avoid the enemy fire.

So yeah, it will be fun to see Symm dying nonstop…

[quote=“MrTickles-1464, post:22, topic:85883, full:true”]
Second Just because hero’s share the same category does not mean they have to share similarities in kits. [/quote]

Ok. So let’s look at offense heroes.

Soldier in trouble? Run.
Tracer in trouble? Recall.
Sombra in trouble? Transolocate.
Reaper in trouble? Wraith.
Genji in trouble? Dash.

I mean - it’s pretty obvious to see here.

You also said “Balancing a hero around one specific very niche situation is bad balancing”

I never said she should be balanced around specific niche situations. Can you please stop adding imaginary quotes to what I’m saying?

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The thing is that the entire reason sym needs projected barrier in her current iteration is because she only has one viable weapon for dueling (her orbs I am sure you know are not good for dueling) other hero’s. A weapon that requires closing range within 7m and has slow ramp up with comparably low damage verses other hero’s.

Her current weapon places her in danger via CQC and her low damage leaves her there much longer then that of other CQC hero’s.

However, The new iteration increases her range and damage on her primary. Reducing the risk as she will not need to get as close and her duels should conclude faster with higher damage output. Not to mention with the increase in speed for her secondary (which goes slightly slower then that of Pharah’s rockets) Sym will have an option for mid to long when the enemy is not closing in.

McCree has a small roll. Which really is not an escape. However, he performs well enough because McCree mains know to stay with their teams.

Zen has no mobility at all but is near the top of the meta.

The only hero that I would argue is in a bad spot is Ana but I would not even attribute that to a lack of mobility but to the current meta.

If other hero’s with range (like sym will have) can survive why can’t she?

It was implied because the only objection you offered on her secondary fire was that it was good against a niche comp. So I am not adding to your posts I am reading the context of what you are saying and offering counter points.

If you have other reasons that she should retain a slow shield piercing orb outside of the niche comp please share them. But please do not get upset at me for replying to the only context you offered.

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She gets a teleporter on an e ability. This shouldn’t be a foreign concept for a symmetra player, set up the teleporter prior to combat. 900hrs and you’re telling me you set up turrets in the middle of fights?

That’s just too much in one. She now has the largest and bulkiest shield on the block. She doesn’t need photon considering she’s gaining mobility with her tp.

That is the issue. That is the one and only comp she is good in. And their are still better options than that. Her new primary gun will allow her to be more dangerous in more situations. Something that will be good for the hero.

It’s called aim. I know you play and console and it will be tougher, but look within those memories of those 900hrs of gameplay and think at the times you killed heroes with your auto aim ramp up gun and small hit box. I know it’s hard to aim but with practice you may make it.

This overall is for the entire community except a small few. I’m sorry this is happening to you I imagine it sucks. But overall this is for almost everyone. (I assume)

Also it’s a business. Money is necessary to keep this game alive.

I hope it’s as ridiculous as I think it will be.

I have 200 hours on her and im suler excited for the rework.

problem beeing:

there are like 3 at that level

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Isn’t the new teleporter an escape?

There’s the line. New forum meme confirmed. Citation needed for this rework being the fault of those mean mean Overwatch League players.

If you think that this rework just takes things away from her kit, no amount of hours played could fix your lack of creativity.

Her way out of an engagement is her Teleporter ability. She’ll always have a Sentry nearby too, as she doesn’t have to worry about moving away to place an ultimate.

We really don’t know how thicc her beam is going to be, and I’m sure they’ll implement a more forgiving charge mechanic. Zarya doesn’t have to absorb all of her bubble’s health to get bonus charge, Mei doesn’t have to continuously land freeze hits, Symmetra likely won’t have to maintain perfect accuracy.

And yeah, get started on her ultimate. Her current one is awful and everyone knows it. There’s actually an achievement to destroying Teleporters, Junkrat has teleporter intuition every 5 seconds, Tracer is a thing. I’d much rather have a real ultimate supporting a functioning kit than a mish mash of semi-useless abilities just to run away and make a building that won’t last before the real team fight happens.

Also her gun starts at 60 dps instead of 30, you could just beam someone down in phase 1 after landing the explosion radius of her orb.

And her orbs! If you say she can’t deal with Pirate Ship’s barrier while also saying barriers never happen for primary, you’re being quite contradictory.

She’s not losing her soul in this change, just her Shield Generator.

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There are so many ways these changes could’ve gone.

Obviously we’re not certain, but with this type of thing, it’s 99% certain that they will go through.

Unfortuantely this ultimately undermines her playstyle as a “my aim doesn’t matter and it’s all about mastering gamesense” character, which will undoubtedly hurt her in the long run.

But hey, at least her pick rate may go up to .1% in the OVWL

Unfortunate really that she’ll lose her ability to shield people. There will now be no way in the game to gain shields, which sucks for pillow-fort comps.

You say that, but in a way the PTR is too late. After something hits the PTR, visual effects, sound effects, voice lines etc have all been invested in to the rework. At that point, the sunk cost fallacy means these changes have momentum. The more work they put into making those changes, the more likely it is that they will stick to them.

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The problem with her ultimates right now, IMO, is that they’re permanent. The enemy team knows that they have to destroy them because otherwise they’re not going away on their own. As long as they’re up, they’re at a permanent disadvantage.

My proposal is keep shield gen, but make it temporary. Have it give twice as much health in a smaller radius but make it only last say 15-20 seconds. Sure, it’s still in the enemy’s interest to take it out, but they could also just wait it out. The enemy then has to make a decision of whether to engage anyway, devote resources to it, or ignore it until the duration runs out (at the cost of their time). If it’s not going to be insta-deleted by a Tracer then there’s not as much need to run off and hide it, you could plop it right on the point behind a tank’s barrier and let it do its thing.

I don’t like how you are talking down to blizzard and everyone else but you main sym on console. That’s like worse than using keyboard and mouse on console :joy:

All jokes aside as a sym player and former hardcore I only play sym and only sym main these changes are great and a lot of what I’ve been asking for so I don’t appreciate your “if you asked sym players” comments. We hear your opinion but you don’t speak for all sym players.