Symmetera's new Ultimate

Imagine no limits.

Char limit filler

Do you just go on the forums to vague about the mercy rework or what

Well they did say that Sym litterally bends reality guess we’ll have to see what that really means lol

They said it’s like a wall, so I imagine a giant Rein shield that stretches across the map in whatever orientation the Symmetra defines.

5000hp is much too little in that regard though, it’s only 3000 more than Rein barrier. The bigger it is, the easier it is to break down.


Most of the maps don’t follow direct path. while in other places it is just plain dumb. For example Hollywood - a lot of the map folds in on it self. So if you place it on defense in hollywood and you are not careful. They can attack the shield safely from Attacker spawn - making it pointless.

Where in Volksaya - Defense side it becomes much more useful, same with anubis.