Suspended for playing attack symmetra


No, nothing needs to change. You play a hero that cant do well on attack, and force it even. You do not care about your teammates.


No actually, you don’t have that right, because you’re not supposed to do that


Jeff said it wasn’t bannable.

This is like saying it isn’t illegal for me to go around breaking kneecaps because I haven’t been arrested yet


The problem is that the term “throwing” has been thrown around (no pun intended) so much that it has next to no actual meaning anymore.

False reports are bannable as well, allegedly.

One of the problems is that this unwritten rule that Sym is a troll or throw pick only applies to Sym and a few other characters. Oddly enough she wouldn’t be so bad on attack if the team that is threatened by her presence actually exhibited teamwork and worked with her, instead of against her.


Yet there is no punishment for doing it, so it will never stop.

It doesn’t matter what Jeff says if he doesn’t put in place something to deter false reporting.


And to Blizzard, the ones who makes the rules on what is and isn’t reportable, it is not throwing.

So you reporting them is a false report.

False reporting is bannable. Don’t misuse the report system.


The unfortunate truth. If they actually cracked down on false reports they might lessen


advise ppl who openly state that they’ve reported you for your hero pick that you’ve reported them for false reporting.


But that just turns into everyone reporting everyone :unamused:


that’s on jeff



While it doesn’t completely fix the issue. I think they should remove in game reporting… they should make you go through the website to report someone. This might reduce the number of false reports.


My guy I don’t know how much more clear jeff hasn’t rob make it for you to understand

Jeff said himself reporting people for things deemed born reportable is not allowed

And what is and is not reportable is what the devs and game say is

And guess what they explicitly said you aren’t not allowed to report people for

Playing a hero you don’t like

It says you can’t report them for that IN GAME


But an unenforced policy, isn’t a policy that matters.


i just came here to bathe in 1 trick tears.


That’s why the dev team should Be Held accountable


I understand him that he has nothing against Syms played on Deff, on maps she is good on.
But rather sees all Attack syms like throwers. And yes i can understand that.
I understand your point too, but in the end you play selfish and forces your team to play around you, and when you underperform then i can defenetly understand why player report you.


Eh? I think your either drunk, or your voice to text isn’t working lol.


Mobile forums always do this

They should be held accountable


Ah ok gotcha.


You don’t have to work around a sym to win no one forces you to do anything