Suspended for 2 hours?!

500sr, newish account, just started posting on the forums, talks about intentionally leaving and asks stupid question about a ban obviously from repeatedly leaving games.



No worries, misunderstandings happen all the time.

What’s disappointing is that people are still accusing you of leaving games constantly when you’ve already stated you’ve only left 3 times total across multiple seasons. You’d think they’d read the comments.

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Some people just don’t know how to read unfortunately…

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This is overwatch community. They’ll burn you alive for playing sym in qp.

Yeah… I mean, nobody even wants to address my whole reason for bothering to make an account on these forums and post this; concerned that I may have found a bug that will affect a lot of other people eventually.

I can honestly say, my level of enjoyment of this game has a LOT to do with the teams I wind up getting placed with. Last week, I wound up in a group of people in their 30’s and 40’s. A couple owned Jeep Wranglers, like I do, too. It was a blast, chatting with a friendly group and we all honestly wanted to work together to help everyone play their best, with whatever character they felt like playing.

But so often, I get at least one toxic “teammate” – usually some young kid who thinks he’s God’s gift to video gaming, who can’t stop barking orders to everyone like he’s our Army drill sergeant. Just insults people on his own team if they don’t play exactly like HE thinks they should play, etc.

Who CARES what my current SR is? I’m not trying to play this as a competitive sport, ok? If you are, great! You do that and you’ll rank high enough so I never have to run into you in a game anyway! I just want to get some kind of ranking while playing, instead of “free play” games that count for nothing on any kind of score-board.

Short version: If you DC, for any reason, while a match is forming, you are penalized. Blizzard has no way of determining if you left by choice or if there was a technology failure. This is not new, and is official Blizzard policy.

Long version:

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(44) Leaving game when seeing defeat or victory - #8 by JeffreyKaplan

The main reward for ranking up is less toxicity and less broken games. But toxicity never goes away completely in solo-queue. The other way of reducing toxicity is to group with people you like playing with.


Ok, thanks for posting that. I hadn’t seen that detailed document on how the skill ratings worked. So wow … yeah… a 2 hour ban comes automatically with just three times the game thought you quit/left mid-game.

Still, as this season just started, I would have only expected the 10 minute ban in my situation.

Chiookami probably has the answer, with his comment that “its an existing glitch where you may have found a game as soon as you exit queue and the found game take priority over the Queue cancellation.”

Don’t EVER play a competitive game if there is even a small possibility you have to leave. You are wasting everyone’s time by leaving and you are costing everyone else SR. Put this into perspective: They now have to WIN 2 more games just to get where they were just because YOU think you can leave because other things are more important.

Life is important, but you need to be mature and schedule uninterrupted time to play competitive if you’re going to do it. Make sure you dad understands this. If this is not possible stay out of competitive and stick to quick play or arcade.

when you hit that play comp button, you’re promising all 11 people that you have 20 minutes devoted solely to them, if you can’t fulfill that promise, you will be punished

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ah!! the gate keeper of knowledge, what does my liege desire?

Why do you even care about the ban? At 600sr you’d get better games playing quick play.

Ah! the level 200 that hasnt gotten out of bronze, what does my liege desire

just because I suck at overwatch doesn’t mean I’m not smarter than you

press F to doubt
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if you’re so smart, then why do you think you’re the gatekeeper of knowledge?

its called sarcasm, learn it one day

when you told someone to get off the forums because they have a low SR, that was sarcasm? oh my bad, disregard this entire conversation, good day

nah i just think theres too many bronze players complaining over a “broken system”

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I say good day!:joy::joy::joy:

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