Suspended after Rejoin and win

I just had a comp 3 win streak and my gf unplgged the router, I rejoined the match and finished with a victory but ended up losing 50 points and a suspension.

Is this intended this seems harsh for a technical error and makes me not want to play. The match was rejoined and we WON the next round 2/3

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Given the fact that the browser probably had to take some time to reboot, it probably took more than 2 minutes to rejoin the match. because of that you are still penalized regardless of the outcome of the match. Details can be found in this post here:

At some point there has to be a record of playing on an account since launch and having like 3 disconnects. Taking away 3 entire matches with a queue time full of points is too disproportionate. I understand the system is automated, but Id rather be banned for a day on a technicality than having SR I earned fair and square taken away from me.

I would point out that the SR penalty really does not affect your hidden MMR. If you take time to continue to play matches after you correct any connection issues, a player typically recovers any lost SR from a penalty and gets back to their true skill rating.

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I hope I don’t offend you but I find your explanation to be less than satisfactory (which has been typical with this game overall for quite some time). I have had game crashes and have rejoined well within 2 minutes and have had this exact issue the OP has complained about. This company dismisses issues far too cavalierly IMO and its one reason among many why this game has lost its value to many people including myself.

Oh BTW while the " The competitive penalty system may not be perfect, but there is reason behind it. " may be an acceptable explanation to some, I find it the system disproportionately punishes those who do not leave or throw and are generally good players. Often this happens in at least 1 out of 4 games I play. Seems as if those who are causing issues are not afraid any of these consequences.

Just my observation on the leaver system and things related to said system.

I myself have had a fair share of crashes but I’ve often always recovered from it in terms of my skill rating. Once again if you are crashing frequently you need to stop playing competitive play and work to fix the issues and test in a non-competitive play mode. Even if you think you’re an honest player, you’re still leaving the game every time you crash.

The tech support forum really isn’t the place for debate, that is what the general discussion forum is for. However I can say with certainty, that if a player is bleeding SR thinking because it is due to their crashes or disconnections, it is because they are either crashing or disconnecting to the point where they really should not be playing competitive play, or their gameplay and skill is inconsistent enough and losing games on the overall average.

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