Surefour's thoughts on healing in OW

A lot of people understand this concept, and how healing design especially has broken the game for a lot of people. The ultra echoe chamber will always defend their point thou, and by thee opinion blizzard will always follow since they love the chants confirming their decision rather than criticizing them. I mean I see people defend The last of us 2 and The last Jedi vigorously, praising every creative head behind those products and those supposed critics and media hailing them as well. No matter how bad something is in terms of narrative or design choice there will always be people defending it and for some it is all they need, a little ego confirmation for them to never change their stance on something.

The healing design will never be reverted and every new support to the game will be in line with the other new additions as in truck of all trades. If anything Baptist but confirmed that, when he surpass both brig and Moria at first.

Overall I believe it just makes for a lot worse game we’re you even more dependent on your core components of your setup - healer/tanks - while also being more dependent on people synergizing for the W.

But, this simply isn’t true at all? Back when the game first released you could run 6 of the same hero. And Nothing stopped a lucio from healing himself, or mercy’s passive regen. or the 5 other of the same hero healing them.

I’m sure that’s why Soldier was a top pick back then, the sustain damage king. When burst damage was still entirely possible with things like widow in the game, but wasn’t practiced after 2-3 years of use to become consistent with their mechanics at the time, with their infinite skill cap gaps.

Again, Bap Moira and even Brigitte (minus the bug on rally) were never able to keep up with the effective damage output of entire team comps. Did we just forget it took goats 3 supports and 3 tanks working together with both healing and damage mitigation to keep a widow and rework spamzo in check?

Every healer is doing less than they were capable of at their launch, and we’re restricted to only any combination of two healers now, where as before you could run a team of healers. Or way back in the beginning when you could run 6 of the same healer.

Healing potential is at an all time low. It goes without saying that “effective hp” which is nothing more than potential hp actually becomes applied in the first place, is at an all time low.

Edit: lets just be clear here. S4, and pretty much all of the few well known people you see under his comment: Chipsa, Linkzr and even MonteCristo who’s known for his terrible takes are all in agreence with this. These are the same people who thought Genji was under performing, even when the devs showed otherwise.


So, given the same opportunity of one shot for one kill, both have the same potential. If either sees you first and clicks your head then you die. That relationship between the sniper and the opposing player is the same in both games, and is what makes them directly comparable.

Do you know who has the time to shoot back at Widowmaker? People behind barriers. Do you know what OW has a big problem with? Balancing barriers. Do you know what the playerbase insists on running no matter what? Barriers. Do you know what people don’t like to watch? Players shooting at multiple barriers.

The entire point of my OP was to suggest that reining in Widow’s mobility could reduce the overall reliance on barriers. If she had to walk most places and decide whether or not to blow a big cooldown to reach a more advantageous spot then she gets toned down without losing any part of her sniper identity.

Mobility is how widow plays around barriers. If you reduce her mobility, you make her bad. You DONT make barriers less necessary. In fact, you make static barriers (like orisa) a whole lot better.

Using TF2 as an example, sniper being low mobility didnt make uber any less necessary. If a sniper was defending last, you still needed uber before you even showed your face at the choke.

it’s good if you turn your monitor on and practice. it’s not that hard to get better at TF2, and in that process you can get good enough to where even the most OP weapon strat isn’t as effective as it could be. now try that against doomfist.

Sadly this “escalating imbalance” (between teams and their position) is what drives esports-viewership, and is a central element of why people find MOBAs or even BRs fun to watch.

In other words the focus on esports has to focus on providing this, as viewers drive the relative marketing value of the money spent on promoting esports initially as a loss leader, via twitch engagement.

And yet, OW has a barrier problem. I’m not inventing problems to solve here, only trying to analyze the root causes and suggest changes.

If we’re looking at a flow chart of changes since they launched 2/2/2 and put Sigma into the game:

  1. Widow’s mobility allows for one-shots from any range and any angle (and can be run alongside an overtuned Hanzo for “double sniper”) ->
  2. Teams run double shields at all times ->
  3. Most DPS shut out of gameplay due to strength of shields ->
  4. Shields get small nerfs; any other heroes thriving get nerfed (Sym, Moira, Doom, etc.) except Hanzo for some reason ->
  5. Teams continue to run double shields ->
  6. Shields get BIG nerfs, various nerfs to Hanzo, Reaper, and Bap ->
  7. Teams supplement shield health with Mei wall and CC ->
  8. Mei wall nerfed, Mei reworked ->
  9. Teams continue to run double shields ->
  10. Several DPS buffed ->
  11. Teams continue to run double shields ->
  12. Genji super-buffed ->
  13. Teams run double shields + Genji

Regarding Ubercharge, it’s a temporary single-use ability and I don’t consider that to be on par with deploying multiple shields for the entire length of the game just to counter one or two heroes.

If OW has a barrier problem, it didnt start with widow’s mobility. Her mobility was buffed pretty earlier on iirc, but even earlier than that barriers were always meta.

If i can distill my thoughts on this, I agree that heroes like widow contribute to the necessity of barriers (probably more than any other hero). But I hard disagree that her mobility is the reason for it.

Her mobility indirectly contributes by making her decent, but the difference between picking or not picking rein isnt widows ability to grapple to an off angle.

This prolly the only time a pro / streamer has broken down the real issue with the roster and why certain heroes end up being meta and abused. Think about all the heroes that are trash tier because their dmg is not burst enough to get through the sustain / focus heal.

Lucio has like no healing though

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over balancing 32 heroes and a meta that s**** itself every time balance gets broken.

Well I already said basically the same several times, but as I am no OWL pro nobody is listening and everyone just says “leave the poor supports alone they are so helpless and need the insane healing or otherwise would be pointless”.

Blah blah blah dps want to kill things faster blah blah blah healers make this harder to do blah blah blah nerf healing.


Because the amount of support nerf suggestions on this forum that end up being compete garbage.

It is actually not a support nerf suggestion it is a healing nerf suggestion.

The game started with Mercy as the strongest healer with 50HP/s on a single target and Lucio 12,5HP/s as multi-target healing.

This should be a baseline for general balancing of healing for single target and AOE.

No single target healing should exceed Mercy, and the fact that we now have AOE-healing that is even higher then Mercy´s single target is just insane.

If supports paid a utility tax like they used to, they’d be much closer to balanced. Imagine if Zenyatta had immortality field as his ult.

What an absolute arbitrary nightmare way to approach balancing.


We’ve been saying this in the forums for nearly two years. Old news. :joy:

Except you can’t just suggest a healing nerf with no compensation in utility or movement. That’s generally what a large portion of people do, nerf this, this, this and this and call it a day or give just a minuscule buff in something completely arbitrary.

I would be more inclined to listen to the suggestion if I knew they actually cared about the character and the players that play those characters rather then “I don’t care, I just want them nerfed”.


Eh it really depends on the weapon strat. Puff and sting was super strong even against good players. There are still stupid things like random crits and as a really good heavy player facestabs are just annoying.