Support main looking for comp friends

Heyy, nice to meet you ^^

I go by Kay or ign Scarlet and im pure support main.

Im currently silver 2 and im looking for ppl/duo to play with and get out of the low elo hellhole.

I know how to play Kiriko, Moira, Ana, Mercy, Bap and somewhat Zen

Preferably im looking for nontoxic ppl around 19+, that want to improve as well and not blame everything that goes wrong on their teammates.


If you want to play add me:
Battlenet: Scarlet#21431
Discord: scarlettkay

Thank you for reading, have a great day ^^

Hi, I can play tank or maybe dps, which are both mid silver.
Andre#13498 NA EST

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silver but, also a support main if that works?

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Sure, i don’t mind ^^

Hi! I added u I’m century, can play healer and dps

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I would need to see a gamecode of you playing before considering playing with you.