Support main LF casual team

I main moira/mercy averaging high silver in solo competitive.
looking for similarly ranked players for consistent yet casual games - 5-10 games a night.
I’m PST based and usually play somewhere between 7-10 PM.


You can add me on discord Aristogglez#7254 we’re trying to get a good group together :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t done any ranked queues because I’ve never enjoyed the more competitive modes without a team of people I work well with or at least get along with. I made the switch to pc a few months ago so I really have no people on pc to play with haha. I’m not a total noob though don’t get it twisted. Just looking for some people to play with who won’t scream every 5 seconds. If you’d like to play just add me on discord :slight_smile: GiantOnTheMic#7085

I sent you a discord friend request Giant <3

added you both
thank you

i’m silver as Dps at the moment but i play lucio for fun, my battle tag:felipola#1569

Feel free to add me. Ragnar#1365 Im a silver 5 tank.

add me: MightyBeast#1360643

added you both