Support is the easiest role

If you’re not hitting shots then Mercy mains have every right to be mean to you.


me or them?

That would be her talon counterpart….and the gap is enormous

I don’t know if I necessarily agree with premise of post but I will say that regardless they are the most important role in game so it doesn’t really matter….they’re high value regardless

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i tried search your BTag and OP BTag, was maked as private profile.

nah it’s public im on the game rn

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Maybe mechanical skill??? But even then idk because each support hero is pretty unique.

I think people underestimate the situational awareness, game sense, and teamwork skills you need to be a good support.


Moira by your side. It’s actually pretty even lol

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I agree also, without support DPS players will not spam “need healing” when supporters has died :rofl:

FINALLY someone understand! Thanks for explain this for these people


moira atleast moira you need to mediocre tracking but with mercy you need to have the mechanic skill to hold ur dmg boost ability

Target priority I’ve always found is exceptionally difficult. Do I shoot my team, or the enemy? I can’t do both at the same time! Support IMO is the hardest role.


it depends who you are because with bap u can do both

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No results found neither on official OW site, neither on Overbuff, so i presume your Forum BTag is not same as your ingame BTag, or is alternative account.

Yeah but then you can use the GA tech argument and blizzard flat our just remove any skill in fade as if it had much. That’s why it’s neck and neck

So true :heart:

But people think you get to masters by pressing right click on a DPS hero while playing Mercy LOL, honey its not that easy.


can you check if my profile is private for you?

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Of course, why do you think the players who patronize support mains never reach GM by playing the ez pz supports :grin:


Most people who spout out about support taking no skill are thinking of the game as like a CoD type game, where mechanical skill is the only thing that matters.

It’s not. Supports overall have the hardest time positioning, need to track the most things, etc, etc. along with tanks.

Just because a character is mechanically easy doesn’t mean that they’re easy to play well. I kind of thought that people would understand this since everyone tends to rate DvA so high in terms of difficulty, and the most difficult part about her is tracking and positioning so you’re able to deny at the right times, dive at the right times, and peel at the right times.


It isn’t lol I made sure to check with my profile and without my profile lol

I mean, that’s literally what I did on Mercy & Lucio. Just find whoever is half decent on your team & pocket them - it’s not particularly hard :man_shrugging: