Summer games review: Disappointing for sure

But what do you expect? I appreciate the continued support this game receives. I definitely don’t excuse this event. It is a letdown. But more content is more content. in the grand scheme of things I’m happy

I never personally liked Lucio Ball. I think the idea is creative but the gameplay is frustrating and jank. after the last 2 years adding new maps to the mode, this year we did not get a new map. However Wrecking Ball is now literally the ball in Lucio Ball and got a skin to go along with that. It’s… charming. Adds a little magic to the game, but doesn’t fix it’s problems.

The new skins are great if you ask me. Surf ‘n’ Splash Torbjorn is my favorite, his Dollar-Tree plastic beach toys aesthetic is really cool and makes for a really creative skin. Definitely gonna aim to unlock this one.
On the other end, Wave Hanzo might be my least favorite Hanzo skin ever. Something about it feels off-putting and I can’t figure out what it is. But I do know one thing, it’s rather simple and generally unappealing.

We then have the Weekly Challenges. this is an excellent change to the format and really good for my sanity because the Arcade has been on a consistent decline in quality IMO and being able to earn rewards through QP is a lot more fun to me

Some minor details worth mentioning:

  • I love Orisa’s Dressage emote. Any emote that goes on forever is really fun to me
  • I love that the weekly challenge sprays are available to equip on all heroes.
  • The patch coinciding with the event is minimal, but Subtitles are really cool and have been interesting to play with so far
  • Even if the mode is dull, I like seeing arcade competitive modes return. it’s an opportunity to earn gold weapons without trying as hard

And on the negative side of things:

  • Lucio Ball isn’t modifiable in the Workshop which is a letdown
  • Once again, Lucio Ball and Copa Lucio Ball are occupying 2 slots which they should not be. the Arcade is already suffering in the games current state, and this is just hurting it more. Put the 2 under 1 drop menu and give us 4 modes on rotation for the event please!
  • I know a balance patch is likely hitting the PTR this thursday, likely to coincide with a 2-2-2 overhaul to the game, but I’m still a little sad to not see progress in this patch.

+Good skins
+Charming addition to Lucio Ball
+Weekly challenges are nothing but a good thing
-Not enough content to be exciting
-Lucio Ball continues to be a dull, and janky mode
-Arcade is still greatly troubled and this event just makes it worse
-Repeat of last year with very minimal improvements


Lucio ball got changed? I didn’t see a charming addition.

Wrecking Ball is the ball now. He squeaks when hit. it’s silly and pointless but charming IMO

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get real

I mean i guess lol .

I literally said Torbs skin is my favorite

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This is by far the worst event they have ever had. Unless the have some good reason for why the added only 4 legendaries instead of the usual 6+ I have no reason to doubt that they just don’t care anymore. There was NO new mode. Not even a new Lucio ball map. Lucio Ball is still janky and frustrating to play. The event might as well not even be going on because it adds literally nothing and changes nothing about the game. The only good thing to come out of this is the weekly skins challenges. BUT Blizzard is counting them as their 3 epic for this event when it would have made much more sense for the 3 epics to be separate from the event and has 3 non micro-event epics as well. Recolors are not hard to make.

At first, when I say the event page I thought it was a joke, there is no way an event can be such low quality, but somehow Blizzard always seems to prove me wrong. Wanna hear one of the most laughable things this event missed? Ashe has literally 1 new spray. She didn’t even get her 3 voice lines from the Summer Games events that she missed. Mind you, Baptiste got his just fine with no issues and everything worked out of for him, again.

Emotes are literally pointless because I cannot think of a single time outside of chill servers where they would even be used. The only highlight intro we got was for Baptiste mind you Sombra hasn’t gotten one since her launch. You know I’m starting to see a bit of a Baptiste bias here, he gets his own micro-event, his voice lines, his highlight intro and more lore combined in 2 months than Zen, Lucio, and Pharah COMBINED in their 4 years of existance.

I see literally no reason to even play this event of even acknowledge its existence. This event was supposed to be the saving grace of OW, the thing that showed that Blizzard still cared at all, a fresh start on a new cycle of events. But no, they never fail to disappoint, do they? Mediocre skins, no new real content, and micro-events that will be at the top of our mode select screen until we eventually fill it up and remember it even existed. I think I needed a total of 2 items from this event, 2 old first-year items I missed. It’s a shame they even consider this an event and they better have a damn good excuse on why it is so lack-luster this time around.

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Weird. I thought the addition of requested features throughout the year, including 2-2-2 upcoming, was what proved they still cared, and the events were tanked as a result of putting resources to giving us what we asked for

But I guess we should hate the devs because this event is disappointing

I mean they have been saying new features for a very long time and summer games has been the same for 4 years

“developing what we asked for” shouldn’t detract from the development of events. Events are the sole factor Overwatch has gotten this far and that is for 2 mains reasons: it keeps players interested and willing to play and it makes Blizzard MONEY. How are they going to develop all this “really cool stuff” if no one wants to even keep playing?

I did not expect anything different this time around so there wasn’t any sense of disappointment from me. With that being said, I didn’t like any of the skins with the exception of Genji’s. I may not even buy anything this time around and instead save them for the next event. On a positive note, I do like Orisa’s and Zarya’s emotes and I thought Baptise’s highlight was really cool.