Summer Game Skin Ideaboard

Beach skins for Brig and Pharah.

Im pretty sure they’re the only female heroes left that we have literally only seen their faces before, nothing more

True but the reason being they’re heavily armored and a beach skin would throw off their hitbox.

Ah yes the old hitbox excuse Ive heard it 85 quadrillion times I just wanna see their assets :frowning:

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Idk if they could get traditional beach wear, as in swimsuits, simply because of the bulk needed to keep their hitboxes consistent. I could see like scuba diver Pharah, so she can have the jetpack thing still on her back. And for Brig, I can imagine her in like summer safari tourist outfit, cargo pants, pocketed vest, clothes that still say summer and casual but also keep her bulky.

Yup, those could work.

There’s no reason they couldn’t copy paste the hitboxes over anyway into a slimmer skin. It wouldn’t be THAT crazy, not like you’re shooting empty air, it wouldn’t be like Rein getting a casual skin where he’s 80% smaller, pharah and Brig aren’t THAT bulky

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Swimsuit Hanzo, Pool Noodle Genji

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Lol awww that made me so sad. :cry:

Maybe they can give us a short or a comic someday with them relaxing on holiday.

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Swedish chef Torb, Surfer Brigitte, Sand Sculpture Orisa, Boxer Doomfist, Basketball Pharah

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Amazing idea. I didn’t even know I wanted til now.

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Pool Noodle Genji? Never heard that one before, but honestly, I support it. Also, yes, Pharah needs a basketball skin already!

I need BOB in Hawaiian shirt RIGHT NOW!

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Demon girl skin for Sombra. Not really a summer thing but I just really want that skin.

Some cosplayers have done it. And now I want it lol.

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Thank you. Got inspired by the contests they would have to make the best work of art out of sand.

Fencing genji
Boxing doom
Tennis Moira

Whatever skins are released I believe we can all agree that mustaches are to be avoided.

And Beards.

I’m looking at you, Lunar New Year 2019.

Mustaches with beard are ok. But not mustaches by themselves. You can never trust a mustache.

Pharah, out of her suit, preferably in a bikini