Suggestion: Skins based on Lore

I think if there are skins based on lore, they would be very popular. And as more lore will be introduced, there would consistently be more ideas for skins.

And PvE could make a profit. ^^ It’s a suggestion. ^^

Ronin genji and captain rein

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Lore skins are always the best, I love all the Uprising/Retribution costumes.


Thank you for the support!

Oh so they do have some already as in Uprising and Retribution. And there should be more, for example something like Ronin Genji or Captain Reinhardt.

Yes, lore are easy and popular ideas.

I don’t understand what you’re asking. theoretically they are already acting as archives. sure, they slowed down the pace a lot but… I kind of hope that the lore based skins will be released with the pve through rewards (like the brigitte and sojourn skin). in fact, I think the real annoyance is that Brigitte’s pve skin wasn’t treated well because it was part of a limited time event (underworld) rather than inside a pack like sojourn. I’ve always found it controversial that all lore based skins have been monetized in the same way as “for fun” skins (Halloween, summer games, etc).

in any case, on a management level I would like there to be the following treatments on skins and game modes:

  • Genji Ronin in Halloween Terror 2023 + definitively canonize the costumes of the travelers in Junkenstein mode instead of using random skins.
  • if they plan an uprising return, I would like them to keep the original AI balances of Bastion e54 and OR14. with underworld, that javelin-using orosa null sector made me worry about not making it canonical that Orisa is a custom modification of efi oladele, not a self-imitating omnic model. In fact, I would like that in addition to maintaining the original AI of the or14, they add melee with the blade for her in attack, just like honor and glory.

we can still have many interesting theories about other lore based skins:

  • casual baptiste (new blood vol 3);
  • echo prototype (old echo concepts);
  • mechanical (rise and shine ending);
  • sojourn canadian soldier (origins video / sojourn novel);
  • lifeweaver student vishkar (origins video);
  • Illari adept (video origins with short hair);
  • a totally rework for sporty kiriko skins (more similar to those visible in the photos in the cinematic);

unfortunately the only thing to curb my enthusiasm will always be the price.

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I agree. I think lore-based skins should get more love and more often be permanent. Many of these skins can even be offered for free in the tiered thingy. I forgot the word for it.

My suggestion is just, use lore to get ideas for skins.