Sudden resurgence of Your Rendering Device has been lost errors (Attempted to include DxDiag and MsInfo files)

I’ve encountered this error a few times in the past 5 years since launch but it’s been extremely persistent for the past week or so. Have tried following the steps on the online article without avail.

I’ve tried to send a web ticket for this but it keeps giving me the “You can’t submit this ticket. An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.” so here I am.

My crummy HP 22 All-in-1 is incapable of overclocking, and I’ve recently dialed it back to the default balanced power plan from high performance mode, yet the error still persisted.

I have tried updating my drivers (it’s an Intel® HD Graphics 4600), but my computer says everything is fully updated (I certainly hope that I am missing something critical).

I have closed all background apps and used task manager to make sure no external applications run on startup, leaving Overwatch and the only things running.

I initially thought this was an overheating problem, until the error occured again when my CPU and GPU were both at sub-55 degrees Celsius according to HWMonitor.

Lastly, I have run the suggested diagnostics on my system files and used the scan function for my Overwatch files and everything seems to have come up clean.

Being the newb at forums I am I can’t quite seem to find a way to attach my DxDiag or MsInfo files so I’ll just leave links to my Google Drive which I apparently have to break up because links aren’t allowed either :confused:

http s://

http s://

If someone knows of a more decent way to attach my system files and error messages please do let me know but I really am desperate and doing all I can here :’(

Really hoping that I can get this fixed soon. Halloween event is coming soon and I really don’t want to miss it. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can only paste the text in replies, instructions are pinned in this forum if you need them in the future. I already looked the the files though, so you don’t need to add them here unless you plan to remove them from Google Drive.

Beyond that, I’m interested in a few things:

  • Have you tried removing McAfee? Not disbaling, just removing.
  • Have you tried closing all background apps to alleviate stress on your system?
  • Can you upload pics of the HWMonitor window after playing with ALL hardware expanded? It’s important to take screenshots of the entire length of the window.

One other note: Balanced mode will make the game perform very badly.

Hi Nicole, thanks for the prompt reply. I’ve changed my power options back to high performance and will supplant screenshots of HWMonitor and Task Manager as Google Drive links once my game crashes again. Will get back to this forum post on that later.

About McAfee, does removing mean uninstalling the application and deleting all of McAfee’s files? I’ll try uninstalling it while leaving the files intact for now but if that’s not what you meant please do update me on what else to do haha

EDIT: Okay I’ve encountered my next crash. Screenshots are as follows (take note that they were taken a few seconds after the crash, at the exact time of the crash the temperatures were at around 60 degrees Celcius):

The error message: http s://

My Task Manager: http s://

The HWMonitor feed: http s://

McAfee has been uninstalled and to my knowledge all background apps are closed. Hope this gets resolved soon

Is this after playing for a bit? Some of these temperatures don’t look like you’ve been using the computer. Also, the HWMonitor is cut off on the top and bottom, so some items are missing. :frowning:

Both your CPU and GPU are showing 100% usage, which makes me lean towards an overheating issue, but it could also be caused by a rogue background app. The task manager picture says 100% CPU is being used, but it isn’t sorted by the CPU usage column, so I don’t know which app it’s pointing to.

You can upload new screenshots (it will take multiple to capture the long window) for me to take a look, and in the meantime, open a ticket with the staff. This is definitely an issue specific to your hardware or software on the machine, so hopefully they’ll be able to catch something to help point you in the right direction. Please make sure you save your DxDiag and MsInfo files are saved in .txt format in order to upload them to the ticket system. Contact Support - Blizzard Support

Hi Nicole, I’ve double checked and the HWMonitor screen is only cut off on the top, it really is nothing much but I’ll send another SS of it while my game is running anyway:

http s://

I’ll send another screenshot of task manager sorted by CPU usage when the game crashes again.

As for the ticket, it was my first course of action but I’ve always been met with the same “You can’t submit this ticket. An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.” error message. I’ve cleared cache and tried on 2 different browsers for 2 days to no avail… is there any other way that I can get into contact with the staff?

If you change your DNS server to something else, like Google’s does this help?

Not to my knowledge, only the forums and the ticket system.

I’ve recently had a resurgence in the “Render device lost” crashes as well. I used to have them ages ago back when they seemed very common, but patches/driver updates got rid of them. I can usually get 2-5 games in before it crashes.

  • No overheating, no overclocking. HWMonitor showed all clear before the system wipe.
  • All drivers up to date. In fact I just did a complete wipe of the system, formatted, fresh install of Windows 10. Hell I’ve only installed discord and Blizzard/Overwatch so far.
  • I’ve tried with only the blizzard app & overwatch running, I’ve tried renaming the Overwatch.exe to Overwatchtest.exe

System specs as follows:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700
32GB Ram
Nvidia RTX 2070
Samsung SSD 860 EVO M.2 500GB