Sudden constant crashes - unplayable

i’ve had this game since the beta and i’ve only seen this game crash twice.

however, starting on the 24th of this month, overwatch crashes during matches constantly. i can no longer play competitive because of how frequent they are and now i’ve been suspended 3 times because of them.

i have tried using the scan & repair tool, then played a few matches and everything seemed alright. but today it crashed again.

when the game crashes it lets me send an error report, but i don’t get any specific message.

i have the minidump and error log files, but i don’t know where i’m supposed to post them for someone on technical support to look at. if i can post them here i’ll go ahead and do that.

thanks for any help.

Did you check the known issues thread? What steps have you performed from there?

i don’t have an AMD Ryzen CPU. none of these scenarios apply to what is currently happening with my game client.

i believe it may involve some kind of conflict with another piece of software. but i don’t know how to interpret the crash logs.