Submit a ticket?

dont know how theres no clear way


What exactly is your issue? I can assist you with getting a ticket/chat to the right place. Thanks!


im trying to appeal something and it said to submit a ticket

how do i link my x box account to the pc.

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To link your Xbox to Blizzard you will need to do the following steps in this link here.
How to link Console to

If you have been actioned due to a Blizzard Code of Conduct violation, you can find the steps to appeal that action here:

Hello, I am so lost on where I need to go to speak to someone about my issue.

While watching my highlight reels, I got stuck on a loading screen waiting for a ranked game, for roughly 3-5 minutes the lobby attempted to load. I tried clicking exit to see if I could leave game quickly and rejoin but none of the buttons were working. I even heard my team-mates speaking before I ended up having to close the application. The game itself wasn’t responding so I had to exit fully. Lost endorsement, 100 SR and got suspended for 15 minutes. Is there a way to get this back?

Please help :confused:

There is no way to get back lost SR from disconnections or technical issues. Details about this policy here:

Also, please avoid necrobumping old topics. It is better to start a new topic appropriately.

My account is having to login issue where it keeps making me login my info and not connecting, I’m wondering if there’s a fix or not

I was playing competitive in overwatch. I was in silver 3, and as I completed my 7 games the game put me into bronze 3 then “upgraded” me to bronze 1. So it was like I was in bronze 3, when I was actually in silver 3.

I am just wondering if there are any plans to make the game more interesting…Ive been playing for a month and am already tired of the 4 same maps/modes being repeated in the quickplay…and then the arcade is so boring, it changes between the same 2 selections every day, out of all the custom games there are and were given the choice of 8, that are legit counted on ur statistics, uhhh matchmaking is super fun (sarcasm, it sucks), whats the deal with the dailies? they also just alternate between 2 list that always include playing in all for role que, and I am not the one to be stuck healing teammates that have some disorder that makes it impossible to win a game, so i get stuck with the 15 game xp penalty (which idgaf about cosmetic stuff, I am straight), also that i have noticed videos showing the same maps in Overwatch1, id forreal never stick it out witha 6 year old game doing the repetitive stuff ive grown tired of over a month…so is there any word of actual gameplay development or are you guys just focused on the skins transactions now? cause that is what I am coming to conclude.

Yes I need help my wifi crashed and I got suspendid from competeive for 20 hours

The support agents cannot reverse penalties incurred by disconnecting.