Stuck in bronze (genji)

Hello, I’m a level 63 Genji player who has been playing genji since level 1, and stuck with him since then. Of course I have my other two characters which are junkrat, and sort of doomfist. But the really question is how do I get out of bronze with genji? I have watched a lot of those famous genji streamers and watched countless videos on how to improve, and also consistently watched my replays to see what I can do better, yet I’m still bronze. Help.


Send replay code here, someone will look at it.
Play in group or stop being one trick and pick hero based on enemy counters.


Ignore the advice of “swap swap swap”. You’re in bronze, you can one trick genji and get out lmao.

If you want advice, my biggest advice for you is to keep practicing. You’re very new. Your brain will subconsciously pick up on stuff much better if you just play genji and watch videos, as opposed to us giving you tips.


this is so true, just play a little more and you get 10x better

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Genji is one of the only heroes I think you legitimately can ONLY one-trick to improve on. His skill floor is just so much higher than the others shy of Tracer…

If you want to climb fast, don’t play Genji. If you want to one day have a breakthrough and hard carry your games until (who knows)… Only play Genji, but realize you’re going to make a lot of teammates upset and you yourself will endure a lot of frustration until your brain makes the breakthrough.


It is fine if it is advice. Everyone should use own brain to know when to swap. One tricking was never good and will make you lose games. It is completely fine to main a hero, but every player should be able to switch to something else if it is required to win the match.


Dont take this the wrong way, but you might not have the mechanics for the kit to really excel. There is no shame in that, I will never have the mechanics I think to take an aim-based DPS out of Gold, but I can hit high-Gold/low-Plat with Tanks and Supports. You might need a less skill intensive character to get out of Bronze.

One tricking is very good for learning heroes. Learning how to play around your counters is better than only playing x hero in favorable scenarios.

Additionally, one tricking can lose you games, and win you games, just like flexing.

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Well that was my point. Players should be able to understand that too much flexing or too much one tricking can make negative outcome :slight_smile: Everyone has to use own brain to tell what is the best for current match.

Personally I think one tricking shouldn’t be allowed and it’s definitely a hinderance to your team.

There’s “00.00” reason to play Genji into monkey/Moira/brig/Symm. You’re definitely throwing. There is no “learning to play against your counters” when it’s an entire team of them.

And if you’re not getting value as DPS, you should either swap to a hero you will get value from, or change roles…


Yes I agree.

This is questionable. Just because enemy team is playing certain heroes, it doesnt mean you cant do job on your hero.

As I said, people should use own brain to decided if switching is better for win or not.


Nanoblade is a big reason to stay, even against that comp.

If you feel the need to change everytime you face a little adversity, you’re never gonna learn anything.

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Thank you all for the advice, they were all big help to me. So what other characters should I be playing too

If you are countered as genji, find a hero who will counter your counters :smiley: because you want to play that other hero when you are being countered by these heroes.


Dude, genji can do great things in the right hands but rest of the time he just not very good.
Don’t try and learn him in comp, you will drag all of your teams down. Learn how to pilot Genji in QP. It takes a long time and there is no reason to ruin a match for others while you’re learning.


tape your finger down to right click and go ham

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Nano blade is cool!! Until you get purpled, brig bashed and double tapped by McCree… Now you’ve used 2 ults and have nothing to show for it but enemy spent a couple of cool downs… :+1:t3:

I still wouldn’t consider nano blade great for baiting out transc or beat unless your team has another win condition. And even still, 2 ults for 1? :woman_shrugging:t2: Just my opinion…

Le Lol… Are you purposely misrepresenting my point or are you referring to climbing out of bronze into silver, gold, maybe plat?

Why make the game harder than you need to? Why should you play Genji into 2-3 potential counters when you could play other heroes and potentially maximize your damage output or your up time?

Edit: I definitely didn’t imply switch every time… Not even a slight implication…

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In your scenario, you said brig and Moira. How is Genji gonna purpled by a Brig and Moira :wink:

In all seriousness, yeah, there are a lot of things that, if chained together can shut down nano blade, but realistically, in BRONZE, thats not gonna happen. You can expect a few kills with nano blade in a low ranked game. In a high ranked game, you can still expect a few kills, especially since your high ranked teammates will get cooldowns out for ya. No matter where you are on the ladder, nanoblade is scary.

Lot of the time you’re building nano and blade much quicker than defensive ults, and even then, nano blade can burn through them, or deal enough damage to take beat off and get a dash reset.

I’m not purposely misrepresenting your point, i’m saying that a good genji will be able to beat bronze players, even if they’ve selected his counters.

Why make the game harder? You learn more in difficult, stressed environments. You learn to get value while the enemy has counters, then you start popping off when the enemy has less counters.

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Correct… I agree… I’m always optimistic that Lucio will beat or Zarya will solo-grav, guess how lucky my optimism is in Overwatch :roll_eyes::unamused::relieved:

I honestly am a horrendous support player so I can only comment for a low gold performance, but if I don’t have beat, I’ll usually try to time it such that I try to figure out who he’ll target and just hoop him away after dash…

I’ll concede to this… I think I got a 5k once when I was a bronze player :hugs:

Fair enough… (tips hat :tophat:)…

Play tons of death match.

I practised Lucio in death match gor a couple of hours and then climbed from 1700 to 2000 with aggro Lucio with 80% win rate.

You absolutely need to be reliably killing people in 1v1s. Just a 2% accuracy increase is the difference between killing a hero, or failing and having that hero healed and feeding enemy support ult.

Failing that, look for an ongoing engagement and make it a 2v1 to win it.

Eg, enemy Mei murdering our McCree. I boop her back, amp up heals for McCree, we kill her together. I speed off to next duel.
At low ranks, team fights are super rare. Tends to be duels across the map.

I was kinda bad at getting solo kills, but one game I went 22-0 kd via finishing off damaged enemies. Genji Should be great at this.