Stuck at bronze 5 After patch

My friend and I have been playing competitive Overwatch for the past week now and share the same amount of wins and similar damage/impact but no matter how many wins he gets, get gets promoted from bronze 5 to bronze 5. The rest of us are ranking up normally. This is after the latest patch from the 14th


Ive got the same problem here. yesterday 7 wins and today 7wins. and both times I got ranked into SILVER 1. which I am already in since 3 days. didnt climb up aswell… no idea what it is. but its annoying kind off


they said theve patched it but its clear they havent, ive had 2 rank ups in the past 2 days and i havent moved from bronze 5, i used to be plat man


Getting the the point where we cant play our standard roles because we are ranked too high now. Don’t understand what is going on

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I won 3 times 7 matches and I am still bronze 5, even today I won this 7 matches after bug fixed, but still brozne 5. I can say I played well, several loses and nothing else. Ahh, it is so iritating, help meeee. I played on pc Dps role.


After my 2nd rerank im still bronz 5 and im always a better tank than my enemy and i got more kills and more dmg than my dmg.

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Thanks for confirming that it isn’t just us. My mate is about to put his fist through his monitor. So much time wasted

im having the same issue but it doesnt matter how many times you get “7 wins” if you’re also getting a lot of losses as well, just wanted to point that out.

I have won 35 competitive matches with less than 20 losses. I also have game leading stats everytime as well as play of game. But I have been placed in Bronze 5, 5 times. When is this going to be fixed?

I was master before I quitted playing OW1, and got placed in bronze 5. My friend with a new account, he gets placed in silver3. How the f is it possible for my account have lower MMR than a new account? My guess is that they announced they lowered MMR for those who haven’t played for few years. But, they lowered it too much.

I believe the bug still exists on PS5.

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Same, i have 25 wins with good stats and im stucked because i dont climb up

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I hope Blizzard is aware of it cause they claimed to have fixed this very issue (for PCs at least)

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Yep I still have the issue stuck at Bronze 4 after patch… I play pretty dang well every game.

Hi all,

Can confirm this issue still exists on PC. I’ve been stuck in Bronze 5 since before the 10/13 patch and i have hit 5 re-rank’s. Just over 60 w’s in comp if i recall correctly and still Bronze 5.