(strawpoll) How fast/slow should Sombra's Hack cast time be and why?

That’s actually the best way to hack someone in her current state.
Standing behind her team means that she’s sure to get protected from stray bullets and get an easy confirm on hack. This also means that she’s already with her team thereby allowing her to immediately assist in the upcoming fight. To add to this, she can easily interfere with the enemy flankers if any.

Sure you can argue that it’s better to get to high ground or flank and get a better view of everything but that every second spent to position yourself correctly leaves 5 people on your team to fend for themselves against 6.

How is that worse than killing people outright? People love to whine about Sombra but the fact is that hack and EMP do 0 damage, it’s all about the followup, which often never happens.

Sombra is necessary to keep things under control.

I’d have it take longer, require at least a degree of aim (think of Moira’s grasp tolerances and having to keep it on a target for a second or so)

AND have it so that it wasn’t broken by damage.

and yet now he gets 30 hacks on average. Along with the other top 5 Sombra players, it doesnt seem to be that bad in a arguably spam meta where she should be struggling to hack with Moira orb, Sigma, Orisa, Lucio. And like I said from more recent gameplay he seems to have adapted pretty well as when watching I rarely see his hack get interrupted.

I agree its pretty vague, and I might be wrong but from the games I watched it seems more of a map dependent issue, just as an example I watched a game on Numbani defense where the Sombra was literally hacking people on cooldown (it was pretty funny to hear the callouts every like 10 seconds ‘‘X hacked’’) by utilizing the high grounds and map layout for easy hard to deny hacks when ever the team was engaging.

He shuts down Doomfists pretty hard tho. And while I think I tend to agree with your position in general in the Sombra counters Doom debates, where I think it goes against what Sombra wants to be doing, to sit back and wait to hack doom, I think its valid and, idk “correct” thing to do considering how powerful Doom is right now, if you shut him down and force him to swap id count that as a victory for your team. Especially in higher ranks where hes oppressive af currently.

yes I understood that, I just find a weird thing to say about people in those rank. I didnt mean literally asleep either :rofl:

So are you saying this just for the sake of conversation or you dont like that I just agreed with you and didnt correct you for saying “now”? :smile:

I can get behind this tbh. As long as the dmg threshold isnt something stupid, I think it would be a good change for her.

From what Ive seen, he waits for Doom, after he has been disposed off hes second priority hack target is Sigma then Lucio or moira (or mei or reaper depending on what the team is running), he does use hes teams shields a lot, and usually goes into the back line only after doom and sigma have been dealt with, and often uses angles and cover, which I think is fine, especially with how spammy the current meta is and I really dont think hack should be a near free ability.

So the only relaible way to hack anybody is if there a slow tank?

So any fast mobility hero which she is suppost to stop can now just ignore her?


Wow most of the replys are proove that some people have horrible ideas in this Forum tbh.

By this logic neither should stun/freeze both remove abilities and the ability to shoot.

That stat doesnt tell you how many he got interrupted and how many important hacks got through or interrupted.

Its a D.Va main. Probably wants to be able to eat hack. lol

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It’s one of the most powerful abilities in the game. And right now it’s utterly brain dead to pull off. Sombra can never be a viable dps hero when she can do that. They had to nerf her even when she was bad just because of how much she makes the game suck to play. If they don’t change hack completely she will be in the gutter forever.

Not really but your idea is a pretty good way to completely kill her.
For good and ever.

Hack rn gets basically always broken cause there is just so much trash dmg flying around. With reaper, Mei, Mcree and Hanzo as dps ultcharging takes forever cause there denying it constandly.

Sombra for now needs her problems fixed and not completely killed by stupit hack reworks.

Hiding to use any ability in the game is pretty bad gameplay. This is one of the reasons why Mercy was reworked. Imo, he’s doing nothing to contribute to the fight and is just leaving it to luck whether him standing there is actually going to do something (I.e: if an enemy jumps in). At this point, you have to question whether your existence in said match even means anything cuz right now, it just looks like a 5v6

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By this logic, Genji should be reworked for hiding before using Dragonblade; Zenyatta should be reworked for hiding so he doesn’t get bursted down when he plans to use Transcendence; D.Va should be reworked for hiding so she can toss her MEKA uninterrupted; Reaper should be reworked because he has to hide to get full value of Deathblossom; McCree should be reworked because he has to hide behind the enemy to try and even get more than 1 kill using Deadeye.

Hey, don’t blame me for Blizzard being inconsistent! I’m just saying that not doing anything before or during a fight for any amount of time is bad gameplay. I mentioned the Mercy rework because this was happening and it lost people their games because it almost never worked.

The main difference between the two is that there’s literally nothing the enemy team could do once Mercy used Resurrection. With Sombra, she gets interrupted easily.

There is no perfect way to play the game and hiding is a legitimate strategy. Mercy got reworked because of the reason I stated above, not because of hiding per se.

That’s because people usually wiped the team again right after Resurrect is used. Why? I mean, I don’t really want to explain it cuz it’s long but I’m pretty sure someone made a thread about it ages ago. Want me to link it?

The main point I’m trying to point out is that both stop their heroes roles to hide and wait for x to happen so they can benefit from him; leaving it to chance. That is poor gameplay.

Nah, Blizzard is just inconsistent when it comes to dealing with those who hide. In one instance, they don’t believe a hero should stop doing their role to go off and do nothing as that goes against the heroes intended role. On the other hand, they’ve only enforced this on one hero through a rework.

All you said that Mercy can’t hide because it worked most of the time… I’m saying that it still was a garbage strategy for multiple reasons. The main two being, it goes against the intended role of said hero and that hiding almost always never worked.

[if you want a good explanation on why hiding is bad on a gameplay perspective, read the 3rd section of this post]

When you consider the average human reaction time and latency plus any travel time to do an action items that have very short interrupt time frequently can’t be interrupted by reacting leaving just prediction and luck. Sombra can be invisible and can teleport which puts limits on your ability to predict her location at a given time especially without coordination.

This tends to feel bad for the person playing against the ability.

Hack has an incredibly low value for being interrupted as a result, it is very easy to interrupt by accident.

This doesn’t really feel good for the Sombra.

When you make an interrupt time but make it low and easy, you are making it so that a high % of the interrupts are accidental especially at lower skill levels while also making it hard for most players to interrupt intentionally at said skill levels.

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0.7/0.8 is the reigning vote, with 28 votes.

0.65 in second place, with 16 votes.
i’m kinda surprised by this. i thought it’d get way less votes because of how some or most people say that it’s too fast for them to react to. (no shade)

0.5/0.6 in third at 11 votes
(kinda tied)
0.3/0.4 in fourth at 10 votes

and now history repeats itself

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They just need to fix the bugs and such with it. Like I played a game where a Sombra was hacking me and I dashed behind a wall and it went through the wall and still hacked me. And then in the same game it got canceled by me spinning around. There’s just no consistency and needs to be fixed.

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Slower, requiring some degree of aim, but not interrupted by damage as it currently is.