Strange Lag- Need help interpreting LookingGlass Results

I’m playing Overwatch from WA, US and get some very strange lag. My internet is around 100mb/s down, and I play with an optimal PC setup (240hz/ i9-2080ti). My character will frequently teleport, abilities will reverse and come off cooldown, and there is a comical amount of no-hit-reg. Other games (Apex) run perfectly smooth, but OW feels almost like playing on 60 fps again.

Ping is typically 50-80 with occasional spikes, and input lag is around 2.3-12ms depending on settings.

I ran the first two tests through’s Looking Glass and noticed that #5 was a very large (1251ms), so I would like some help interpreting my results.
The forum is recognizing copy pasting the results as a link, so I’ll just include the test 5/6 values that looked weird to me.

6 * * *
5 ( 1251.693 ms 1251.695 ms 1251.689 ms
5.|-- 0.0% 10 220.3 695.9 195.8 1270. 384.1
6.|-- ??? 100.0 10 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

The looking glass only pings the login server, and is only useful if you cannot connect to the game.

Instead, you’d want to use a WinMTR. For links, you need to break them with a space, or post the results on Pastebin. Please don’t omit any lines of the test.

Note: Blizzard nodes filter pings, so they will often return results in the thousands. However, if that was the real ping to those nodes, you wouldn’t be able to connect, and it would show up throughout the rest of the test.