Stop the mercy spam

Which its not the same thing each and every thread. lol

Lmao, standards? Let’s cut the bs. You once tried to say Mercy mains aren’t support mains because Mercy mains can’t play other heroes.


It’s either

  • Revert mercy
  • Change mercy some way
  • Fix her ult

Another thread who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.

If you went to a restaurant, ordered an omelette only to get a plate with half cooked eggs and half melted processed cheese slapped on top…would you be happy?

…I didn’t think so.


Don’t forget the: “she’s not fun anymore” one. That one comes up a lot.

Rework her.

She might be “balanced” but she’s boring AF to play.

We’ll shut up when she’s made fun again, mate. And when the devs actually answer us rather than giving us the vague hope of “we read your comments”, but not in the topics that they supposedly read.

Or just have some fun with the Mercy threads

Or just partake in the discussion instead of berating people for taking part in the discussion.

both are options.

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Do you honestly feel like I don’t engage in discussion on Mercy threads often enough? :slight_smile:

Nawh I just ment in conjunction with your option you gave.

I see you around abit.

Using LOGIC in the most pure stake:

The only thing was changed by mercy was the “ULTIMATE”

The CORE gameplay of Mercy is a total mastery of guardian-angel while healing this is 90% what define a good mercy vs a bad mercy.

The other 10% was press a button every 30 seconds and use VALK during team-fights.

The character is on meta since 1 year ago… At this point the MODS truly need start put temp-bans for SPAM the forums to reduce the problem

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Look Latios you arent getting away because you have a legendary pokemon ign. Let the mercy mains state their opinion, it’s not hurting anyone. They just wanna be heard. :relaxed:

Your right.

posts like op should get temp bans for spamming complaints about people giving feedback.

thank you.

Mercy players dont find her fun to play either LOL.

Also, just admit to yourself that there’s no way you could Mercy to GM.

The implication was that before she was reworked she was a free ticket to GM, which she was. There’s plenty of video-evidence of people using mass rez and Valk 1.0/2.0 to get a cheap way to the top. Mysteriously, when Mercy was finally balanced out, all those Mercy Mains fell back to Earth like Icarus with his wings of wax. Strange how that worked out.

The fact your post missing the point of the OP got so many likes frankly tells a lot about group-think and reading comprehension.


Said which mercy mains were exploiting an sr bug.

that’s how they got up there.

Literally none of the discussion is that shes overpowered (or underpowered). its thats shes boring

Mercy hasn’t been balanced after her reworks until now. The issue is that they kept giving mercy her changes mid-season, and that messed with every mercy players SR until they got used to her, and it took a while to get used to her new play style because they kept changing her. Now with her recent nerf to her healing, her valkyire hardly outheals anything. Its not much of an ult anymore, especially for Mercy players that knew how to juggle heal targets.


Mercy mains are cancerous whiny kids.
Glad Mercy is more in line with the other supports.