STOP IT! Arcade Free For All Rotation: Here We Go Again

I’m playing FFA on Petra (wish it wasn’t only Petra, but whatever), then guess what happens. It says “this queue is no longer available”. I go back to the Arcade menu to check what it was replaced with. This STUPID Mystery Death Match is back again. I don’t want to use different heroes by force! Let me select who I play! This is dumb! Bad game design! FFA on every map should be permanent. Barely anyone will join a custom game, plus, in custom games, experience can only be earned once a day. Now I don’t want to play the game anymore until it rotates again. What kind of “genius” thought this was a good system. Don’t take away people’s choices. I only bought this game because it has FFA. I want to play with my preferred hero. Mad annoying. Goodness gracious.


A. Changing it to what you want takes away the choice from other players.
B. Variety is healthy for the game.
C. Custom games are joined alot btw.


But is your aim fine enough to actually play Petra? With the jump pads and all? Mystery Deathmatch is an alright mode, but you do you.


A. What I want is the standard of all games. Mystery heroes can exist, but it shouldn’t be forced on people who want to play specific heroes.
B. I never said variety was bad for the game. What I said is that choices shouldn’t be taken away.
C. They are not “joined a lot” in my experience, obviously. Which makes sense since there are many custom lobbies open all day. You’re lucky if anyone joins within 10 minutes of opening the lobby. Commonsense.


A. What do you mean exactly? You want all Arcade modes to be available all the time? Then it really just splits up the community honestly which is a thing we don’t want.
B. We require forced variety otherwise queue times can change or the community get’s more split. Choices really aren’t taken away if you still got custom games.
C. That’s fair enough, they would only really join a game if it were to be special.

Finally you type something. Now I can post again and respond to Juice.
Yeah, my aim is pretty good. Mystery Deathmatch seems great, but you’re missing the point (purposefully?). I should have a choice whether I play a special game mode or a normal game mode. Not hard to understand.

A. All modes being available would be fine even if the community is split. We have to choose between 7 daily modes at the moment anyway.
With that said, that isn’t what I’m asking. What I want is to just be able to play a NORMAL game of Free For All. Simple. That shouldn’t be apart of a rotation. It’s basic. Let people do what they want. If no one but you wants to play a certain mode, that’s how life is. I’m not going to play Mystery Heroes. Why? Because I DON’T WANT TO. You can’t make me.
B. Again, experience isn’t gained in custom matches, and barely anyone joins custom matches (from my experience). Don’t make me repeat myself. If no one joins, I can’t play. Get it finally? Good.
C. Which is annoying since after a rotation takes away your favorite mode, you have to rely on Custom Games.

Misery FFA is the worst. I just want to practice with a specific hero, guys. Why do this to me?


About time someone wasn’t at odds with my opinion.

Then don’t play, simple.
It’s not like you have to play FFA daily.

You don’t really improve from playing Arcade games.

Eh it kinda is, but rotation exists for a reason.

You realize you’re literally saying “if you want FFA that isn’t Mystery, then don’t play that day”, right?

I, for one, agree with OP. Mystery FFA should be off to the side like Mirrored Deathmatch and Hero Gauntlet.


Yes i do, i don’t see why this has to be done as this really doesn’t has any actual priority as of this moment.

I want to play FFA daily…

No one asked you if you think something has priority. Arguing for the sake of it gets nothing accomplished. I rarely reply to other threads, even if I disagree with it.

I want blizzard to put Deathmatch as a daily thing. I know they already do this somewhat and I’m fine with them changing the maps daily.
What I am against is them making it mystery heroes deathmatch here and there… Just no… I don’t want to play mystery hero deathmatch blizzard.


Considering it’s use as a warmup and practice tool, and the numbers to back it up, FFA absolutely deserves special treatment over other modes. Hell, it already does. All we have to do is remove mystery and throw it in with the other cycles and it’ll be fixed.


They probably will never do this, considering the Waiting for Queue DM has more players than the actual FFA

I think you picked the wrong game.

Just put Mystery FFA DM in the same rotation slot as standard Mystery Heroes or that weird Gauntlet mode…

Right now there are 2 Mystery modes and 2 FFA DM modes in the arcade.
And none of the FFA DM modes let’s you choose your hero :woman_facepalming:

FFA DM is definitely popular enough to justify it to always have one of the 3 standard modes of it available.


I don’t even know why Blizzard decided to add it. It used to just be Chateau/All Maps/Petra modes before and it was great. Mystery FFA is just awful and its so disappointing wanting to jump in to FFA and have some fun as Soldier only to remember that I can’t pick my hero today.



It probably does but I dont see why I should play deathmatch in the waiting que (leaving the que and just staying) for the game to never end. On top of that I won’t get xp nor for my win to show on my profile if I happen to end on first place.

Now I know this might come accross as bragging and I suppose it is but my goal is to get 500 wins(1st place) in deathmatch before 100 hours. Currently 272 wins in 44 hours Soldier only.

How am I suppose to get this on my profile by only playing “quing deathmatch?” I can’t.

WYW has FFA and you don’t have to make your own FFA, you can find plenty of FFA’s in Custom Games.