Stop changing the lore to please one fan

Stop forcing pharmercy to make clear together happy. just make a new hero whos also lesbian for pharah to date… problem solved or give her an emily

give some context instead of a complaining tweet: what specifically did they introduce to confirm a phamercy?

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Pharah gave Mercy a sandwich, and as a species, we know that is the biggest form of love!

That’s why men keep screaming a women to make them a sandwich. They are asking for love that they lacking in their everyday life…

(just as a register this post is a joke)

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Not just one fan. Try loads of them.

exactly, this person doesnt know pharmercy may be the most popular ship from ow, or at least top 3. the fan who is talking about may be a very vocal fan with a lot of followers and thats why thinks one person is being plased and not all the followers the fan have. the ship has been and always has been very popular since 2016, never stopped being mentioned. blizzard just saw an opportunity and is using it, pharmercy is the safe boat, when the game is sinking use a popular gay ship and a big part of the fandom will be happy and will ignore all the problems the game have

I don’t think Blizzard is doing it to please only one fan, but I understand the confusion since the writers really likes interacting with certain people on social media while ignoring others.

Normally sometimes I think Shippings may not be as great atleast within the fandoms that is and look what happened within League of Legends, Anime Communities with Naruto, and others. Leads to chaos and pure infighting on one of the group to a another.

Now if they were non canon and didn’t affect the story all that much I wouldn’t mind it atleast. But seeing as the fact that Pharmercy will happened because of the writers going for more Gay Shippings and LGBTQ Push to save the game rather than a actually true balance I say a already builded up story of a relationship with Genji and Mercy before Overwatch 2 shows up. It’ll probably cause more controversy and a long extreme echo within the internet that will last for a long time and not in a good way.

For me atleast in reality I would like to see Genji and Mercy together because of the relationship build up that happened during Overwatch 1 and going into 2 to make the story bit more interesting and a fair balance. But like I said the Current Writers will probably go past that and will follow what everyone does to please one half of the fandom while the other half of the fandom is ether ignored, angered, upset, or just indifferent from the direct.

I’ll probably be indifferent from it seeing as the fact that I got use to be disappointed and moving on by accepting that the Characters that I thought was going to be straight or that is gay that I’m not really phase by it. As for the rest of the players who shipped Genji and Mercy. They will most likely be angered specially those who are the extremists. It’s the Flame Storm that be bound to happen.

Plus I think the OP doesn’t know the power of the fandom within the Overwatch Community when it comes down to Pharmercy.


To be completely realistic i dont think any ship will be canon, even blizzard is not dumb enough to put the hand on the fire or the trash about this topic, is very delicate, blizzard knows if one popular ship dies in favor of another popular ship that are rivals, well, they will start a storm

Even if mercy genji was a thing in the first year of ow in reality there was not much ship potential, they were close friends, some friendly interactions (yes, in valentine you can give chocolates to friends, not just lovers) but what they have together was kinda scare, i think the phara mercy of ow2 already got a lot more of teasing than mercy genji get in ow1 (my godness they got an interaction with anna taken directly from a fanfic, they dont fool me, ana asking mercy if pharah is sleeping well and pharah embarased about it, just like any pharmercy fic)

i still think they are just making a safe boat, they dont care or dont really want to make pharah mercy a thing

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I don’t know why some people insist that Genji & Mercy were just friendly with each other when 95% of the community agrees that something was going on between them. No, singling each other out to give valentines chocolate is not just a friendly gesture and neither is going on dinner dates, writing tanzaku, having late-night talks and keeping in touch long after Overwatch was shut down, especially when you add it all together.

Not much ship potential? Nah dude, meanwhile Pharah & Mercy gets 2 voice lines and suddenly they’re as good as married to each other.

even pharah and mercy interactions could only be friendly, the knight in flying armor is not enough to justify a romance… but then, when shipers have ever cared if their ship makes sense?

the pharah mercy is going beyong just two interactions, blizzard is clearly promoting the thing. phara locker have a photonof she and mercy being together laughing, huging, then pharah is confirmed lesbian, in the same story she says she have something with mercy when they were both working together in egypt, then in the pve diaries pharah have to make mercy rest and bring food to her, thats a lot of hints, if you ask me is more meaningfull than the things mercy and genji have in ow1, which by the way thats another thing, the genji and mercy thing were only in ow1, that game doesnt exist anymore and now in ow2, the developers are making pharah and mercy the new thing, they even say in the pve genji and mercy stopped talking and he is a bad friend to her, friend. not she is talking with pharah

but anyway, this will never go anywhere, the ow story will never be complete or make big steps, it took 7 years for the characters to do something, this is only teasing to please fans

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Okay and if you ask me and many other people in the community, the 5 years of teasing between Genji and Mercy in Overwatch 1 is more meaningful than way the they’re trying to force Pharah and Mercy together in Overwatch 2. I don’t care that the game doesn’t exist anymore, the history and lore still remains.

well thats why this topic was about asking blizzard not to change the lore, in all ow1 life cycle pharah and mercy never interacted, people assumed pharah meet mercy when she was a child and mercy a teenager, pharah was growing on ow and then mercy was recruited and she met her and had a crush and bla bla, this assumption existed only because the ana origin video show a photo of child pharah with all veteran members of ow, now in ow2 this became canon, blizzard is pandering to the shippers, im not going to lie i like the pharah mercy ship, but i know is a retcon and is kinda forced, but to be fair there is a lof of details we still dont know about a lot of things, like people thinks mercy is the one who saved genji life and made him a cyborg, so far i dont remember in any official comic or short story that this is canon

so if you think about it the pharah and mercy relation isnt forced, is just that we dont know a lot of things, and maybe never will

Well, I’m glad you can still see it from my point of view. And Mercy and Pharah is a really cool visual and thematic pairing admittedly, even if I’m not a fan of the ship.

like people thinks mercy is the one who saved genji life and made him a cyborg, so far i dont remember in any official comic or short story that this is canon

That’s actually in Genji’s Intel Database bio, it says “His body was rebuilt and enhanced with cybernetics by Dr. Ziegler.”

you mean the pve codex? i dont know, not going to buy that scam, just saw the things about pharah and mercy where pharah forces mercy to rest and bring her food, i have no idea of any other thing mentioned there. if what you tell me is true i think this is the first time this is mentioned in canon

so if you think about it the pharah and mercy relation isnt forced, is just that we dont know a lot of things, and maybe never will

It’s forced in the context that they had so little to do with each other before OW2 and suddenly out of seemingly nowhere they’re incredibly close.

Say what you want about the Genji/Mercy ship, but at least they’ve had meaningful lore together since the very first year of Overwatch and we were slowly introduced to the idea that there might be more going on between them with small story drops here and there. The Pharah/Mercy content will always appear forced in comparison, because we only learn about their supposed closeness many years after the first game came out, there’s just no way it won’t feel ham-fisted to an audience when it interferes with previously established plot threads.

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thats what im telling you we dont know a lot of details, blizzard is a lot of things, but dumb is not one of them, they know making the lore vague with little details is better for this kind of game, they cant give too much information becuase could ruin any future plan they havent thinked yet. another character pharah suddenly got interactions was winston, in the same locker pharah have a photo of she and mercy there is is a photo of child pharah with winston, but this isnt forced because isnt a romantic relationship? they being friends suddenly isnt forced but more natural? im just saying

and another thing you maybe havent considered, in ow2 some characters actually got some developement, pharah was this militar person, no nonsenses, with a dry personality, in ow2 she got a lot of personality and actually says “forget the rules lets make a party” or torjbon, he hated robots but now he doesnt, not all character developement has to be positive, genji and mercy could have a friendship or something more deep in the past, past, time passed and now they are distancing a little and mercy is becoming closer to pharah, which from our pov my feels forced, but dont have to be that way

I understand, but that doesn’t make it any less unsatisfying, especially when you read into why this is happening and how the new writers that replaced the Overwatch 1 writers, are just unashamedly big into one ship and not the other. I’ve seen many people, including those who dislikes the Gency ship, point out how weird the new developments feel.

Also in the Winston case, it does not feel forced, because friendship isn’t exclusive to one person like romance (often) is and there was no previously established lore that indicated Pharah and Winston couldn’t or shouldn’t be friends. Meanwhile Mercy not only already had hints with Genji, she also have lore that would suggest she might not be entirely happy with Pharah working for Helix Security, whom she really does not seem to like in her short story Valkyrie. But of course, this is not something the OW2 writers decided to explore, instead just making her Pharah’s biggest cheerleader.

i dont know what else to say without repeating myself, yes this is because old team left, but for better or worst at least we have a little more lore nowadays than before, finally, is the only reason i keep playing this. mercy dont like war or any militaristic organization, she dont have to like helix to be close to pharah, in ow1 soldier have some voice lines saying good things to pharah and now in ow2 he is surprised and angry ana daugther is with helix. so whats the deal blizzard?

anyway, at least for now ther lore is stuck again, i dont think will move in a lot of time, or we will get more comics, stories, animated shorts anything, we only have to stay with voice lines. sad

she dont have to like helix to be close to pharah,

No she doesn’t have to, but it’s still a more interesting plot point to explore than Pharah getting Mercy a sandwich.

Personally I would’ve preferred getting no lore over the current stuff, Overwatch doesn’t feel the same anymore. At least I can always remember Overwatch 1 fondly and chuck up the Overwatch 2 stuff to Blizzard completely fumbling the ball like they do with everything they touch nowadays.

anyway, at least for now ther lore is stuck again, i dont think will move in a lot of time, or we will get more comics, stories, animated shorts anything, we only have to stay with voice lines. sad

IIRC there is some comic anthology thing coming out in 2024? Involving a bunch of characters. Google “Overwatch 2: Heroes Ascendant: An Overwatch Story Collection” to find it. The next batch of PvE missions should also come out next year.

mercy doesnt even like overwatch, she is against the recall, and still joined and is fighting and working hard enough for pharah to bring her a sandwich, of course will be more interesting expand this emotional conflict and decition to fight even if she dont like it, but for that we need actual stories, not the format the game have, voice lines and 20 minutes of cutscenes ever 4 years. the real problem here is not how you may like one ship and other feels forced, is how blizzard cant tell an actuall story, we need, we deserve an animated series

there is a book coming with stories of some characters, like the mercy short story but longer i hope, but will be filler, not something that moves the plot, so i dont care much, and you have to pay for it, meh, nah, i pass

and there is another book telling the story of how ow was formed or something like that, but will be set in the past so no plot. and is not clear if the book will have stories or is just some sort of timeline