Stop Blaming Supports

poor support mains on the forums dont know support is the most busted role with the most busted heroes lol


Because people still have a hard time understanding that OW is not a pure FPS but a hero shooter and balancing the game will take in consideration how heroes from each group work together.


majority of players are dps players. the q times shows it.
and apparently this majority doesnt want supports to be viable and wants them be a pile of garbage like brig is now. ridiculous


no majority wants the game to be balanced :slight_smile:

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I uno reverse card you now:

When Ashe got released one dev specifically stated that Ashe was a buff for Mercy because she was underperforming at this time.
Also Ashe got more of a buff with these experimental changes. Mercy got the nerf by not be able to enable Ashe now.


Because the devs sited that as to why ashe is being nerfed


And Zen. Don’t forget discord orb is also 30%. But changing that for both Zen and Mercy changes possibly 32 character’s breakpoints. Changing it for Ashe changes 1 character’s breakpoint.


blames support


They really aren’t though? And there’s a small pool of them to choose from anyway.

Are you feeling well? Hog isn’t a support.


Ashe was busted and didnt need Mercy for being so. Nerfs were only a question of time.


The support role is the best role in the game. There are no dps hero’s that “does it all” but for tank you got sigma, for support you got bap n brig. And you still wonder why?

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then balance the game around the majority of heroes classes - dps.
supports are not just heal bots get over it

What do you mean, Hog is giving 300 healing plus 50 percent damage reduction every few seconds, that is even better than nano boost.

Repeat after me, Hog is a Support.

DPS heroes arent even busted or broken. Most of them arent. Most broken heroes are from the tank and support role

Support arent just healbots either right now their utility is unmatched and its insane


supports have always been the keyrole in terms of impact. get over it


ashe being broken or not isnt my point

OP is basically saying “dps bad” when they literally said they nerfed her because of mercy lmao


Im a turd, my bad for not understanding your phrasing.

no its my fault I should have been clearer

but I still think mercy needs a nerf too

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Like, pocketing has made heroes get nerfed like ashe. They ask to get pocketed by mercy and ask why their fav sniper got nerfed and not mercy. Though I would nerf dmg boost a bit