Stop adding immortality abilities

i thought after the entire community collectively agreed that bap lamp is not fun to fight or good for the game you would figure out to not add another immor, but here we are with suzu ruining the game. this might come as a surprise, but not being able to die is way to strong and not fun at all.


They should make an ult where all teammates become invisible and undamagable for 10 seconds


Old lamp was a bit too good. It gave the team using it a large advantage because killing it took a while and they could basically be doing whatever they wanted in the meantime. Also, the CD was lower.

New lamp is way more brittle and sneezing on it kills it. It has a super high cooldown so if it isn’t used well you might as well not be playing Bap because it is by far his strongest ability.

Suzu lasts for literally one second. If you blow your big abilities without it being on cooldown and you got countered that’s on you.


Mercy’s new ultimate for season 2? lol :laughing:

Take away half of the one shots in the game and you have a deal.


Immortality abilities are every bit as annoying, if not less annoying that being 1shot. There are so many ways to die instantly in this game that without ways to combat them, it feels pretty annoying to go up against.

You’d be wrong, since I think bap is good for the game. Not fun though, but that’s my opinion.

Bap stops people from pressing Q and steamrolling your team. He alone can mean Ultimates get to be strong while not being “I pressed Q so I won the teamfight” scenarios. While I don’t think we need more immortality abilities, we do need more support abilities as strong as IF.

Invisibility alone could work. It has counters (Widow ult, Hanzo, turrets shooting targets when they’re partially revealed), and it could be really fun to cloak a team and rush the enemy team.

There are so many 1 shot / high burst damage characters now immortality abilities are necessary.

I agree but its a bit annoying that she can be miles away wich make it hard to track and when you use your alt she pops up next to her ally and nullifies your ult

I think the cleanse is more of the issue that people have with the skill rather than the 1 second invuln every 15 seconds. Honestly, I don’t think it has ever impeded a team fight for me invuln-wise.

huh, in this game, people die very slow in comparison to many other fps.

theres like 3 one shots in the entire game and one shots are meta rn because the only way to counter immortality is to kill them before they can go immune.

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…tbf, Suzu has a very tight window of use unlike Lamp and is more the level of ‘skill’ I’d expect from an ability that makes heroes invincible… :wink:

Imagine instead of Suzu they had put the cleanse thing on Moira’s ult instead of all that faffling around for years with her fade/orb LOL :woman_standing:

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Old and new lamp are not fundamentally different. Even if you are able to force someone to stop shooting you for even half a second and you are still able to shoot them, it is a huge advantage. And lamp with 150 hp takes at least 1 second to shut down. So it is basically turns 1v1 into 2v1 in your favor.

People die so much faster in OW2 than OW1.

Pretty sure it’s the speed passive that they plan on reworking it soon.
Also, only the squishies died fast, tanks stay up for a very long time.

Suzu literally lasts like a second. Think of it less of a “baptiste immortality field” and more of an AoE Zarya bubble and just wait it out

Yeah, good.

You for got to mention it cleanses stuns and debuffs, is completely intangible, and comes out 11 seconds faster. One second of invuln is all you need to peel one or more targets back to safety. There’s a reason she has a near 100% pickrate in high ranks and in the current Contenders tournament; Kiriko is way too good.

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